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  1. Until Arkansas gets their anti-trans/LGBTQ crap together they need to stay off any and all lists and WA State is far and away better than Arkansas in every way.

    Bike companies aren’t moving to Bellingham for no reason.
    Our state-wide advocacy group ( is in a very friendly competition with Vermont for most members, but they draw from multiple heavily populated states. It’s on the list to visit.

    1. I love Washington. I lived in Seattle for a few years and just got to Bellingham this past year. And yes, I agree that Arkansas is backwards (and moving even farther backwards) in terms of politics. But maybe if enough liberals move there for mountain biking we can change the future 🙂

  2. Hartman rocks? really?

    how about the 401, captain jacks, monarch crest, horsetheif, my local Dakota ridge, not to mention banana peel. lift served, destination, technical and social. CO has it all in spades. just don’t tell anyone. Fat biking too.

    Vermont? mount snow has 600 vert, all blue by our standards. your killing me but thanks for keeping our secret. Utah. well yeah Moab is Moab.

  3. Vermont is pretty awesome, lots of great singletrack, kingdom trails, some great parks at Killington, Burke Mtn and others

  4. I agree with most of this list, but in defense of my home state, I think it checks a few more boxes than you mentioned:

    1. Exciting new developments: Colorado is (probably) getting a purpose built lift serviced bike park (like highland, etc). That should be here in the next couple years. Additionally, there has been a bigger push lately to build more bike optimized trails. Local clubs have been really great in this regard. Maryland mountain and Floyd Hill are just two examples near Denver, but there are others elsewhere in the state.
    2. Bike parks: Without using the internet, I can name 11 lift serviced bike parks in Colorado. There may be more.
    3. Varied Terrain: I’m with you in terms of not living the uber-steep non-bike friendly multipurpose trails. There is also a lot of desert and otherwise low country riding here. The area around Grand Junction, for example, has some really great stuff that (I think, anyway) is just as cool as most of the stuff in Moab. There are other areas like this too: Phils World in Cortez, for example, and to a lesser extent, the areas around Gunnison. Closer to home, the Northern Front Range has stuff like this: Hall Ranch (although the hill comes climbs can be a little much there) and the hogback trails in Larimer County (though these aren’t as fun as desert ride rides on the western slope).

    Anyway, I had to mention these because I used to live in Arizona and, while the riding there was great, Colorado kicks the crap out of that place.

    1. Haha, thanks! This is actually an old post that needs some major updating. Colorado is growing on me now that I’ve ridden there more. I loved Hartman Rocks outside of Gunnison and I know I need to get to Fruita/Grand Junction. Ridgway Colorado is a new favorite as well. I’ll bump Colorado up when I update this post next 🙂

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