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  1. iif you want an immersive experience of England then the longèst coast to coast ( Cornwall to Norfolk) is an amazing route – much offroad on ancient trackways, tiny lanes and visiting many sacred sites along the way…. check out
    you will love it!!
    the Scottish route looks good – we cycled up the east coast to Orkney and Shetland ( and Jimmy Perez’ house!!) then back down the centre – but watch out for midges ( none on east coast!)
    Another cracker is the Via de Plata – we started in Cadiz – up to Santiago de Compostela – awesome route – especially thru the wood pastures ( there since Bronze Age) we got chased by wild stallions….!
    everything’s better on a bike…..

  2. There are significant issues with the Great North Trail – in parts it is really a walking route converted to a cycling trail – there are hundreds of fields with gates to open and close – I’ve done the first part from Matlock to Edinburgh – it drove my friends nuts – I would much more recommend the GTMC in France (which I have done over 14 days). Interesting article

    1. Good to know! I’ve been eyeing the Great North Trail as well – do you know anything about that? And the new Pictish Trail looks awesome, too. I need to spend some time over Europe on my bike!

      1. Thanks – I haven’t heard of the Pictish Trail – looks interesting – we have cycled in Scotland from coast to coast (Aberdeen to Fort William) – it is very remote – it’s good to go in may, when the wild flowers are out, and before the midges appear ( biting insects) !

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