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  1. Great post, Becky! I’m also a mtb bikepacker with the same love of all my Rogue Panda gear (frame bag, new Ripsey seat bag, Canelo harness). Question for you: how did your Ripsey and Gila dry bags work in Costa Rica with the rain? I’m guessing well since you’re still recommending both. I ask because I’m mtb bikepacking from the southern coast of England to the Cape Wrath in Scotland this August and am planning for a lot of (not so warm) rain. So, trying to suss out if I need to go with a different set up or double-bag my gear in my seatbag and if I should trust my sleeping quilt in a Gila bag up front. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rich! The Rogue Panda dry bags were awesome in Costa Rica. We got rained on a lot (heavy rain) and everything inside my Gila bag and seat post bag stayed perfectly dry.

      Bikepacking the GB Divide is on my bike-it list!

      1. Right on! That’s great to hear. I’m not surprised the bags worked great, but given the “not waterproof if submerged” advisory Nick put on the RP page, figured it would be worth asking for a real-world example. And yeah, the GB Divide looks fun. Hope you’ll do it. 🙂 I’ll be starting my journey near Swanage at the Anvil Point Lighthouse), pedal through Salisbury, Marlborough, Oxford, Hinckley, and then onto Middleton Top to ride the GNT. If I make good time, I’ll ride back to Edinburgh via the new Pictish Trail. Super excited!

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