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Mountain Biking at LaPine State Park: Everything You Need to Know

Explore the scenic, flowy, and mellow mountain bike trails at LaPine State Park in Oregon! Get route recommendations, camping info, and more.

Viewpoint above turquoise-colored Deschutes River in LaPine State Park in Oregon

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As a mountain biker, of course I love the ‘exciting’ trails that feature rock gardens, steep descents, drops and jumps, and other spicy ingredients.

But you know what? I also love easy, mellow pedally trails through beautiful forests. In fact, sometimes I crave these kinds of trails to give my body – and brain – a break from the technical stuff.

So I was really thrilled to discover the scenic and peaceful mountain bike trails at LaPine State Park, located about 30 minutes south of Bend, Oregon.

The trails here are mostly flat and non-technical, yet they have great flow and they pass through quiet woodlands and along the banks of the stunning Deschutes River.

I really enjoyed my time exploring LaPine State Park and I think you will, too!

What Makes LaPine State Park Special?

LaPine State Park in Oregon is a special destination for mountain bikers and nature lovers alike. It’s not just the serenity of the park or its breathtaking landscapes that make it special, but also the unique experiences it has to offer.

Here are a few reasons to head to LaPine State Park:

  • Visit “Big Red”, Oregon’s largest ponderosa pine that is estimated to be over 500 years old. It’s roughly 162 feet tall and 29 feet in circumference.
  • View the turquoise waters of the Deschutes River, which flows through the park. Depending on when you visit, the water may also be crystal-clear!
  • Enjoy a day of easy, fun pedaling whether you’re a newer mountain biking, out with the family, or just want an effortless day on the bike.
Trail above scenic bend in the Deschutes River in LaPine State Park in Oregon

Important Things to Know

Mountain biking at LaPine State Park is awesome, but there are a few things to know before hitting the trails:

  • e-bikes are allowed: Most of the Bend area does not allow e-bikes, so it’s nice to have this option.
  • Trails are multi-use: You’ll see hikers, joggers, and occasionally horses on the trails. Please be kind and courteous and say hi when you pass!
  • Stay away from the river banks: Some sections of the trails at LaPine pass close to the banks of the Deschutes River, which can be unstable. I recommend not getting too close.
  • Trails can be wet and muddy: Springtime and wet weather can turn the trails into a mud pit. Please don’t ride on soggy trails.

Best Trails & Route recommendations

In all, there are about 14 miles of trail at LaPine State Park and most of these miles are great to ride bikes on.

The only trail I don’t recommend riding is Big Pine Loop because it’s more of a footpath. When I rode it, there were downed trees and it was hard to follow in places.

LaPine State Park Trail Map

Route recommendation

>> Tour de LaPine

This route covers most of the trails in LaPine State Park. While it’s by no means the most challenging or engaging riding in Bend, what it lacks in features, it makes up for in scenery. The trails flow along the Deschutes River and Fall River and the views are absolutely beautiful.

  • Route difficulty: Beginner
  • Mileage: 7.6 miles
  • Route type: Loop
  • E-bikes? Yes
  • Elevation gain/loss: 171 ft ft
  • Map/GPS: TrailForks

Route directions: LaPine State Park Parking > left onto Deschutes Loop > McGregor Loop > Fall River Loop (worth going to the overlook) > Back to parking lot (optional Cougar Woods Loop)

Route notes: I rode this loop clockwise, but I think it would be fine in the opposite direction as well.

Do less: If you want to make your ride shorter, just do the Fall River Loop which is about 4 miles if you park in the same parking area.

Do more: You can add on the smaller Cougar Woods Loop, however, I don’t recommend doing the Big Pine Loop because half of it isn’t well-maintained.

Small waterfall cascading into pool in LaPine State Park in Oregon
Fall River Falls on the Fall River Loop is a must – take a dip if it’s a hot day!

Best time to Ride LaPine State Park

I rode LaPine State Park in early May and it was perfect. That being said, spring in the Bend, Oregon area can vary wildly. During the time I was there, I also got caught in a hailstorm at a different trail system.

I’d say late spring through summer and early fall are the best times to ride LaPine State Park.

If it’s been particularly wet and rainy, I’d give the trails a few days to dry out.

Singletrack mountain bike trail next to Deschutes River in LaPine State Park in Oregon

LaPine State Park Camping

There is a campground at LaPine State Park that is open year-round. There are equipped log cabins as well as full-hookup camping sites, showers, bathrooms, and a dump station.

You can find more information about camping at LaPine State Park here.

Other outdoor activities at LaPine State Park

There are a ton of outdoor recreation opportunities in LaPine State Park in addition to mountain biking. Visitors can also enjoy:

  • Hiking: All of the trails in LaPine State Park are open to hikers if you want to explore the trails on foot. Definitely be sure to visit “Big Red”, the largest ponderosa pine in Oregon!
  • Floating the Deschutes River: Bring your inner tubes, kayaks, or SUPs and spend a few hours floating down the Deschutes River. There are no shuttles out at LaPine, so you’ll either need to shuttle yourself or plan on paddling back upstream.
  • Fishing: LaPine State Park is well-known for its trout fishing on the Deschutes. Learn more about Oregon Fish Licenses here.
  • Picnicking: There are a number of great picnic sites by the river in LaPine State Park. Bring a lunch and have a picnic post-ride!
Scenic picnic area along the Deschutes River in LaPine State Park in Oregon
There are lots of nice picnic areas in LaPine State Park including this one, which is just a short walk from the main parking area

Final Thoughts

LaPine State Park may not be the most ‘epic’ mountain biking destination in Oregon, but I really enjoyed my day cruising around the trails there.

The singletrack is mellow and flowy and the views out over the Deschutes River are stunning.

If you’re in the area and looking for an easy pedal, I highly recommend checking this little gem of a state park out!

Have you pedaled the scenic and peaceful trails at LaPine State Park? What did you think? Worth the visit? Let us know in the comments!

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