Two Wheeled Wanderer

Is the go-to place for bike enthusiasts to find inspiration and information on how to explore the world on two wheels.

I’m Becky!

The Girl Behind Two Wheeled Wanderer

As you might have gathered, I love bikes – particularly full-suspension ones, but a simple beach cruiser can be just as fun. I also love to travel and together, these two passions are the perfect match to explore the world!

I started Two Wheeled Wanderer in 2019 after a mountain bike trip to Squamish, BC with my dad (pictured with me to the left).

I couldn’t find any comprehensive beta on what best trails to ride or how to link them up, so I started this blog to help others make the most of their biking adventures. I hope you enjoy it!

My Current Favs

Fav biking Destination

Sedona, Arizona

Fav Trip to-date

Oaxaca, Mexico

Fav beverage

Kombucha & Old Fashioneds

My mission

It is my hope with Two Wheeled Wanderer to inspire you to get out and explore the world by the seat of a bike.

Whether your idea of a two-wheeled adventure involves lift-served DH bike parks, a multi-day bikepacking adventure, a casual pedal along a stunning bike path, or something else entirely, I hope you find inspiration on these pages to fuel your next adventure.

Gear I love

Bell Super DH Helmet
Ride Concepts Livewire Shoes
Fox Enduro Knee Sleeves
Handup Everyday gloves
Poc Aspire Sunglasses

Frequently asked questions

That’s a tough one because there are so many great places to ride! I’d have to say my favorite mountain bike destination, though, is Sedona, Arizona.

Bentonville, Arkansas is a very close second.

Everyone starts somewhere, right? If you’re new to mountain biking the best thing you can do is just get out there and ride! The more you ride, the better you’ll get. Taking a lesson or signing up for a clinic can also help you ‘level-up’.

These blog posts and resources may also be helpful:

I’d love to! I’m hoping to host meet-up rides in the future and maybe even put together Two Wheeled Wanderer trips and retreats someday.

My dad and brother introduced me to mountain biking when I was in high school, but truthfully I didn’t love it.

It wasn’t until I moved to the Eastern Sierra of Califonia that I really fell in love with mountain biking and the biking lifestyle in general.

Here’s my ‘bike-it’ list:

  • Mountain bike the Blue Derby Trails in Tasmania
  • Do a 2-3 month mountain bike road trip through New Zealand
  • Bikepack the European Divide trail from northern Scandanavia all the way down to Portugal
  • Bike tour the length of Japan
  • Whistler Bike Park (I can’t believe I’ve haven’t been yet!)
  • The list could go on and on…

I think they’re awesome! I do think e-bikes are the future and I’m all for it. I foresee myself getting an e-bike someday soon for bigger, longer rides.

I will probably still be ‘old-school’ too, though, and keep pedaling my non-motorized bikes while I can.

In a former life…

I like to think that I’ve lived a pretty interesting life. Before Two Wheeled Wanderer I:

  • Spent 6 months as an exchange student in New Zealand during high school
  • Was the starting lacrosse goalie as a freshman in college
  • Spent a full year abroad in East Africa during my junior year in college
  • Bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii after graduating college
  • Worked for 10+ years on a fleet of National Geographic Cruise ships
  • Did a month-long yoga teacher training in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui
  • Got my Master’s Degree in Nutrition (which I don’t really use other than to write nutrition-related posts)
  • Did a three-month housesit in England and still housesit around the world when I can
  • Worked as a Backroads trip leader for a season
  • Traveled to 30+ something countries!

Want to know even more?

Read my years in review