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    1. Not that I’m aware of. You could do a much bigger ride and go out Gold Valley Rim to Big Boulder. This is a fun route and not quite as technical as Butcher Ranch, but it is quite a bit longer than the classic descent.

  1. Thanks for a great post, Becky. How many days would you say I should plan on spending in Downieville if I’ve never biked there before?

  2. Downieville has definitely seen a lot of growth over the past few years. But the good news is that the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is doing a ton of work to build new trail and maintain old ones. I think that whole area – not just Downieville – is going to expand in the next few years with places like Quincy and Mt. Hough. Hopefully that will help spread out the crowds!

  3. Downieville has been on my radar for a long time, but I never made the trip. I have kids now and they’re just getting into riding. I’d love to take a weekend and shuttle the downhill with them, but not sure if it’s too difficult for kids. Can you comment? Would a beginner/intermediate be frustrated by walking obstacles all day? Or worse, is it too dangerous for kids?

    1. The Downieville Downhill definitely has some technical sections, mostly on Butcher Ranch, and could be pretty challenging for kids depending on their level of riding. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Strong intermediates will probably need to walk sections. Another option is to shuttle Mt. Hough in Quincy. The Mt. Hough trail is super fun and flowy and a lot less technical than Downieville. If your kids are young, I’d recommend Mt. Hough instead. Hope that helps!

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