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Your Guide To The Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO

Plan your trip to Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado with this visitors guide including descriptions of each zone, park hours, and more

Mountain bike sitting on bike at top of drop in ramp at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado

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The Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado is a mountain biker’s playground with a variety of pump tracks, dirt jumps, a dual slalom course, freeride features, and more.

To be totally honest, the first time I rolled up to this city park I was completely out of my element. The dirt jumps, ramps, drops, skinnies, and everything else were 100% intimidating. Not to mention all the little kids sending huge features like it was just another day at the park! Kids these days…

But that being said, Valmont is cool. Really cool. The work and planning that went into building this bike park is super apparent and the community that has been built up around it is buzzing. There’s something for everyone here (even intimidated visitors), so if you get a chance to visit Valmont, do it! Just be sure to check your ego at the door because guaranteed there are going to be little kids sending the jumps higher and farther than you.

What is Valmont Bike Park?

Valmont is a 42-acre park in Boulder, Colorado that features several different zones built for mountain bikers as well as skateboarders and BMX riders (although it’s mostly known for its mountain biking).

There is a little bit of everything here from pump tracks to entry-level jump lines to dual slalom tracks, and big features for confident riders.

Read more about the different zones below.

Park Hours & Directions

The Valmont Bike Park is typically open daily from 5am to 11pm, however, it is closed when wet or covered in snow. Riding the jumps and features when the dirt is soggy can ruin the fun for everyone, so please respect this rule.

To see the current bike park status, check their Twitter feed or visit their Facebook Page.

Valmont Bike Park is located northeast of downtown Boulder at 3160 Airport Rd, Boulder, CO 80301 near the airport.

Mountain bike leaning against Valmont Bike Park sign and map in Boulder, Colorado
Valmont Bike Park is open daily depending on rain and snow conditions

Valmont Bike Park FAQs

  • Can I rent a bike at Valmont?

    There are no bike rentals at Valmont Bike Park, but you can pick up a rental at nearby University Bicycles or Full Cycle. There is The Fix Bike Shop right next to Valmont, which offers repairs and maintenance, but no rentals.

  • I’m just starting out, is there anything I can ride?

    Absolutely! There are several pump tracks and cross-country zones throughout the park. There are also several beginner-level jump lines so that you can hone your skills. There’s something for everyone here.

  • Do you have to pay to enter the park?

    Nope! It’s totally free. If you want to donate some cash to help keep the trails well-maintained, you can do that here.

  • Can I take a lesson or get some coaching at Valmont?

    Yes, but not directly through Valmont. Avid4Adventure and 303 Dirt offer summer camps and group coaching for kids. Lee Likes Bikes offers adult lessons.

Valmont Bike Park Trail Map

The Valmont Bike Park is a 42-acre bike terrain park with several ‘zones’ including dirt jumps, pump tracks, skills areas, dual slalom and so much more! Read more about the individual areas below.

Valmont Bike Park Trail Map

Valmont Bike Park Zones

Valmont is divided into several zones throughout the 42-acre park. Each zone is easily accessible to one another and once you spend a few minutes getting your bearings, you’ll be able to easily cruise between them all.

The Glades

Cross-country | 1 mile | Easy

The Glades is a mellow cross-country section of Valmont with smaller features like rock drops (that can be rolled), tabletops, pump track rollers, and more. It’s a great place to start out if you’re new to mountain biking and want to get a feel for smaller features and pedaly singletrack.

Mountain bike trail featuring a wooden bridge to the left and go around trail to the right
The Glades is a 1-mile loop that is great for beginners learning new skills

Skillz Loop

Skill-building | 0.2 miles | Easy+

The Skillz Loop is a quick beginner-friendly loop on the western edge of Valmont. Despite being a green trail, there are some rock bridges, rollers, and skinnies that might be a bit tricky, but they’re all optional. This is a great place to start to get comfortable with natural trail features!

Mesa Flow

Cross-country flow | ~1 mile | Beginner/Intermediate

Mesa Flow takes The Glades up a notch by adding a bit of elevation. Pedal up one of the climb trails to the top (near the Spectator Plaza) and then head back down on one of several flow trails. Expect tabletops, rollers, and big berms, but nothing is mandatory. This is a great place to practice cornering and tabletop jumps.

Dirt Jumps

Freeride | Beginner to Pro

The northwestern zones of Valmont Bike Park are where things start to get intimidating (for me at, least!). Dirt Jumps is the intro zone for getting air with 5 different jump lines ranging from beginner (XS) to pro (XL).

The beginner lines are mostly tabletops with no mandatory gaps while the more advanced jump lines start to incorporate gap jumps, ramps, and drops.

Dirt mountain bike jumps at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado
Practice your freeride skills that the Dirt Jumps zone, which has lines for beginners to pros


Slopestyle | Intermediate to Pro

Stepping things up even more, the Slopestyle area of Valmont Bike Park is where all the crazy kids play. There are big features like tabletops, drops, jumps, and wall rides. Like the Dirt Jumps area, there are different lines here rated from S to XL, which is great for building confidence and skills.

It’s also really fun to sit at the top of the Spectator Plaza and watch all the kids hit the big features.

Just to the left of the jumps is a dual slalom course, so if you’re feeling fast challenge someone to a race!

Mountain bikers hiking bikes back up to top of slopestyle course at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado
It’s hard to see in this photo, but the slopestyle area has lots of big jumps and wooden features

With 40+ acres and half a dozen zones to play around on, the Valmont Bike Park is definitely a place to explore for a day or two if you’re visiting Boulder. If you live in the area, this place will help you improve your skills and build confidence.

The features can be intimidating at first, but just remember that everyone starts somewhere! The only way to get better is to practice 🙂

Have you ridden the Valmont Bike Park? What did you think? Were you as intimidated as I was the first time around? Leave a comment below!

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