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  1. Check out Caroline Edwards.
    Up and coming in Freeride, Downhill and Enduro.
    carolineedwards4 on Instagram.
    She has been all over the Northeast this year and was at the first women’s freeride event at Thunder Mountain.

  2. Hi Becky, thank you for your informative list of female mountain bikers to watch. Even though I don’t follow the sport, I have mountain biked since 1993 and do recognize some of their names.

    I think mtn biking, like skiing is very gender neutral. What I mean is, Mikaela Shiffrin (by surpassing a male in victories) is now the undisputed greatest slalom skier of all time. With just a few more wins she will pass a male skier and will become the undisputed greatest skier of all time. That’s the way the sport works and that’s how Mtn Biking should work.

    With that out of the way, I live in Marina, Ca and attend the Sea Otter Classic every year. (I can bike 30 minutes to the event from my home). This event is so important to attend because of how many people attend, some 70,000 over 4 days including 10,000 racers. I’m sure some of your 15 list have gone to it including yourself, as it’s important to feel, hear, live and ride the vibe that comes from cyclists there. This is a great place to promote women’s mountain biking and the trails at Ft Ord are perfect for beginners and intermediates to hone their balance and turning skills to start their journey into the world of racing.

    I hope that the movers and shakers in Women’s Mtn Biking including yourself and the 15 will use the Sea Otter Classic to promote and encourage more girls/women into the sport.

    Yours Truly,
    Scott Paul

    1. Hi Scott, I’ve been wanting to visit Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic for years! I’ve heard really great things about the event as well as the riding and community. Fingers crossed I’ll get there soon 🙂

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