Mountain biker standing on side of remote road in Peru with bike on ground wearing full face helmet

Bike Gear I love

Some girls like jewelry and shoes, my vices are bikes and bike apparel.

Like most people, though, my gear closet is constantly evolving as I find new favorites and upgrade old items. On this page, you can find my current favorite pieces of biking gear that have proved themselves out on the road or trail.

Current Biking Gear Favorites

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Got a trip to pack for?

Check out these packing lists & download your checklist so you don’t forget your pedals at home…

Bikepacking Gear List

Heading out on an overnight bikepacking trip, but not sure what to pack? In this post, I round up everything you need for a successful overnight or multi-day trip on two wheels.

Mountain Bike Trip Packing List

Don’t miss a ride on your next mountain bike trip because you forgot to pack your bike pump! Use this customizable mountain bike trip packing list to make sure you have everything you need for your two-wheeled vacation.

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