36 Unique Gifts For Mountain Bikers – From An Actual Mountain Biker [2023]

Collage of best gifts for mountain bikers

There’s a good chance that affiliate links are scattered throughout this post. If you click on one I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you and I’ll definitely be using it to buy bike gear.

Looking for the perfect something for the mountain biker in your life? Not to worry! The good news is that mountain bikers are always in need of something whether that’s practical gear like a new pair of gloves or they’d be stoked on a unique mountain biking gift like a custom fender or topcap. There are literally endless ideas for gifts for mountain bikers and in this post, I’ve rounded up a few finds they might not have already asked for.

So whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a birthday, a graduation gift, or something else, you’re sure to find a great gift idea below.

SaltStick electrolyte tabs

1. SaltStick Electrolyte Tabs


I swear by these SaltStick electrolyte tabs. I sweat a lot when I’m mountain biking and these tabs help so much. When I feel like I’m ‘bonking’ and it’s not from low blood sugar I’ll take one of these and get an instant boost. You can buy smaller packets too, which make great stocking stuffers!

Socks with "I'd Rather Be Mountain Biking" written across the soles

2. I’d Rather Be Mountain Biking Socks


Mountain bikers can always use a new pair of riding socks, so why not make them fun with these “I’d Rather Be Mountain Biking” socks?

TrailForks logo

3. A Subscription to TrailForks


TrailForks is by far the app I use the most when mountain biking. I can’t imagine riding without it downloaded to my phone. Users can find trails, put together routes, browse trail photos, and so much more. A yearly subscription is only $18 so it’s almost a no-brainer.

4. Park Tool Pizza Cutter


What’s better than eating pizza after a big mountain bike ride? Eating pizza cut with a bike-shaped pizza cutter.

Chamois Butt'r Chamois Cream

5. Chamois Butt’r


Ward off painful chafing while you ride with Chamois Butt’r. Chamois cream is a lubricant that can be applied to your sensitive areas to help prevent friction and chafing. It’s non-greasy and lasts for the length of multi-hour rides. You can also buy individual packets.

Topeak Digital SmartGauge

6. Topeak Digital SmartGauge


Getting into the habit of checking your tire pressure before every ride is a really good idea. Riding on low tire pressure can result in cracked or dented rims and riding on high tire pressure can make your ride feel really bumpy and jarring. Get the right pressure every time with this Topeak Digital SmartGauge, which works with both presta and schraeder valves.

Pacific Northwest Components Loam Grips for mountain bikes

7. Pacific Northwest Loam Grips


Mountain bikers can be picky about their grips, but for me, the Pacific Northwest Components Loam grips are perfect. They have just the right about of squish and they’re ultra-grippy.

Pair of mountain bike gloves with pineapples on them

8. HANDUP Gloves


Mountain bikers are always in need of new gloves. For me, a good pair of gloves will last 1-2 seasons, so I’m always on the lookout for a good pair. My favorite brand of mountain biker gloves are Handup. Not only do their Regular Gloves last longer than a lot of other brands I’ve tried, but they’re also super fun! For warmer climates, check out the vented gloves.

Park Tool Big Blue Book of repairs

9. Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repairs


Doing your own basic mountain bike maintenance and repairs isn’t that difficult, especially when you have the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repairs by your side. Help your mountain biker save money and time at the bike shop with this essential gift.

Waterproof car seat covers

10. Waterproof car seat covers


If you know mountain bikers, you know that we can get preeeettty dirty and smelly. Help your mountain biker protect their car or truck seats with these waterproof seat covers. I use mine after almost every ride.

Digital print of photo of mountain biker on bike

11. Mountain Bike Art


This custom digital mountain bike sketch is a really cool gift idea if you have a great photo of your shredder on their bike.

Clif Shot Bloks

12. Box of Shot Bloks


Clif Shot Bloks are one of my go-to ‘snacks’ for mountain biking. In addition to sugar (which is a vital nutrient during exercise), these little blocks also have sodium and other electrolytes. Some also contain caffeine.

Screenshot of custom mud fender for mountain bike with ferns by GroundKeepers Custom

13. GroundKeepers Custom Fender


Ground Keeper Custom makes custom mountain bike accessories like fenders, frame protection, and topcaps. You can upload your own photo or use one of their pre-loaded colors or design and they’ll print it onto your accessory. This is a great unique gift for any mountain biker since your design will be one-of-a-kind!

Crankbrother M19 Multi-Tool

14. Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool


The Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool is my go-to multi-tool for rides. It has 19 different tools and is super durable and compact. Throw it in your pack and be prepared for mechanicals out on the trail.

Bag of Tailwind Endurance Fuel

15. Tailwind Endurance Fuel


I use hydration powders a lot when I ride, especially if I’m heading out on a big backcountry epic or I know I’m going to sweat a lot. I love the Tailwind Endurance Fuel because it tastes great and contains a good amount of electrolytes and carbs.

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Bag of Tailwind Recovery Mix

16. Tailwind Recovery Mix


Post-ride I’ll typically have a scoop or two of Tailwind Recovery Mix, which is formulated with protein, amino acids, carbs, and more. It’s also vegan-friendly and the chocolate flavor is delicious!

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Pearl Izumi Pro padded bike shorts for women

17. Anything from Pearl iZUMi


Pearl iZUMi makes some of my favorite mountain biking apparel. They used to just cater to road cyclists, but in recent years they’ve really upped their game in the mountain bike department. All of their clothes are well made and designed, although I do find that the fit is on the smaller side.

One Up EDC Hand Pump for bikes

18. One Up EDC Pump


Sixty-five dollars may seem like a lot for a bike pump, but the One Up EDC Pump has some extra special features. It’s designed with a CO2 inflator, so it can be used with cartridges and it also has room to store small spares like a master link and valve cores.

DynaPill Tubeless Kit

19. DynaPill Tubeless Kit


The DynaPill Tubeless Kit is a cleverly designed tubeless tire repair kit that includes an insertion tool, several plugs, a micro-knife, and an air-stopper. It’s seriously one of the best tubeless kits out there (even though the price tag is a little steep).

AirShot tubeless tire inflator

20. Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator


For mountain bikers riding on tubeless tires (which is most mountain bikers these days), we need a way to inflate tubeless tires when swapping old ones for new ones. Floor pumps don’t provide a fast enough ‘shot’ of air, so enter the Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator. This little device can be pumped up to 160psi and then the air can be released into the new tire to ‘seat’ it.

Cordless Tire Inflator

21. Cordless Tire Inflator


This is such a great gift for mountain bikers. No more guessing PSI and pumping tires up by hand! The AstroAI Cordless Tire Inflator tops up or inflates tires in seconds and gets the PSI perfect every time. Plus, you can use it for your car tires, too.

(Note: this doesn’t work to seat tubeless tires)

Muc-Off Bike Wash Kit

22. Muc-Off Bike Wash Kit


Washing your mountain bike doesn’t only keep it nice and clean, but it can also prolong the life of your components and parts. The Muc-Off Bike Wash Kit includes everything you need to keep your bike spick-and-span and ready for the trails.

Gold-colored Santa Cruz Bronson full-suspension mountain bike

23. Full Tune Up at Local Shop


How long has it been since their brakes were bled or their pivots greased? If it’s been more than a year, then a full tune-up at your local bike shop is a great gift for mountain bikers. Most tune-ups cost about $75-$100+ and the mechanics go through the whole bike to make sure it’s in great working order.

Fox Enduro Knee Pads

24. Fox Enduro Sleeve Knee Pads


I wear knee pads on every ride because it’s just not worth the risk. I’ve gone through several pairs of Fox Enduro Sleeves and will continue buying them because they’re the only knee pad I’ve found that don’t slip down and are comfortable to pedal in. For bigger days at the bike park, I’ll wear my Fox Launch Pro’s.

Cycling First Aid Kit

25. Cycling First Aid Kit


A first aid kit is a great gift for mountain bikers because it shows that you care about their safety even if they don’t listen to you when you say don’t do anything stupid. My go-to first aid kit is the Cycle Medic Pro, which is specifically designed for cyclists. Also check out the Biker MedPack.

Ergon bike saddle

26. An Ergon Saddle


A good saddle makes all the difference for mountain bikers no matter size, age, or gender. Ergon makes some of the best – and most comfortable saddles – out there with tons of options to choose from depending on what your pain points are (literally).

AbsoluteBlack Chainring for mountain bikes

27. An AbosluteBLACK Oval Chainring


I’ve been using an AbsoluteBLACK Oval Chainring for years and I really think they make a huge difference, especially for punchy climbs and slow-speed tech. Plus, they come in fun colors to add a bit of bling to your bike!

Osprey Raptor Mountain Bike Backpack

28. Osprey Raptor/Raven Backpack


The Osprey Raptor (men’s) and Osprey Raven (women’s) are designed specifically for mountain bikers. They come with an integrated tool roll, helmet attachment, and a 2.5 L hydration bladder. Choose from a 10L pack or 14L for more room.

Park Tool SK-4 home mechanic starter kit for mountain bikers

29. Park Tool SK-4


The Park Tool SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter Kit is a great gift idea for mountain bikers wanting to start doing their own bike maintenance. Or, if they’re really gung-ho, the Park Tool AK-5 Advanced Kit contains almost everything they need for most home services and repairs.

Park Tool Bike Stand

30. Park Tool Bike Stand


Mountain bike services and repairs are a lot easier if you have a bike stand to work from. The Park Tool Bike Stand is a fave among mountain bikers because it’s sturdy, easy to use, and can fold down when not in use.

Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket

31. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket


Mountain biking isn’t all sunshine and hero dirt. Sometimes you get caught out in the rain or even head out for a ride when you know you’ll get wet. That’s why I almost always stash a lightweight layer like the Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket in my pack.

(Note: I’ve found with mountain bike jackets that it’s better to size up so you have room to move on your bike.)

POC Devour Sunglasses for mountain bikers

32. POC Devour Sunglasses


Many mountain bikers use cheap sunglasses when they ride, but if you’ve ever tried a really expensive pair, you know what you’re missing out on… superior clarity, polarization, fit, and anti-fog technology. The POC Devour Sunglasses have full coverage and vents to prevent fogging.

Giro Manifest mountain bike helmet

33. Giro Manifest Helmet


The price tag on this helmet is a bit steep, but you only get one brain, right? I recently switched over to the Giro Manifest Helmet after trying a lot of options and I am sold. It’s super lightweight, has great airflow, looks good, and most importantly, is designed to protect your noggin in the event of a crash. This is my favorite helmet I’ve ever worn.

34. Shower’s Pass EcoLyte Jacket


If you live in a cold, wet climate and still plan on doing some winter riding, the Showers Pass EcoLyte Jacket will keep you dry and warm out on the trails. It’s a waterproof shell designed for mountain bikers with a drop tail, helmet-compatible hood, and plenty of vents for great airflow.

Mountain bike coach teaching skills clinic

35. Mountain Bike Clinic or Lesson


A great gift for any mountain biker no matter their skill level is a mountain bike clinic or class. There are a number of organizations out there that do camps and clinics across the US.

Garmin Fēnix Watch

36. Garmin Fēnix Watch


I love my Garmin Fenix watch and I never ride without it. A sports watch is a perfect gift for any mountain biker who really enjoys knowing and tracking their stats.

High-end sports watches can track GPS, heart rate, and so much more. Some watches even have solar-powered batteries and can store music.

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I hope this list gives you some ideas for gifts for mountain bikers! Which gift would you like to receive? What other mountain bike gift ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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