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15 Amazing Multi-Day Mountain Bike Tours & Companies

Discover the best multi-day mountain bike tours around the world from Peru to Nepal & more. Start planning your epic two-wheeled adventure!

Discover the best multi-day mountain bike tours around the world from Peru to Nepal & more. Start planning your epic two-wheeled adventure!

There’s a good chance that affiliate links are scattered throughout this post. If you click on one I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you and I’ll definitely be using it to buy bike gear.

When I travel, I typically don’t like to be part of a tour. I like to explore on my own, in my own way (which usually involves two wheels and lots of eating). But for mountain biking trips, it’s a different story. Mountain bike tours are the way to go because there are so many small details to be addressed when traveling with a bike and having a tour operator deal with those details makes for a much more pleasant and relaxing trip.

Things like getting to and from the airport with a bike bag, finding hotels that are bike-friendly, and knowing which best trails to ride so you can make the most of your trip are just a few reasons why I choose to go with mountain bike tour companies when I travel.

In this post, I’ve rounded up the best tour companies that offer multi-day mountain bike trips around the world.

Why Book a Mountain Bike Tour?

If you’re still unsure about whether you should book a mountain bike tour or plan a DIY trip, here are a few of my top reasons for opting to go with a small tour when I travel for mountain biking:

  1. Getting to and from the airport. One of the biggest hassles about traveling with a bike is transportation to and from the airport. Not many taxis will be able to fit a large bike bag (or two) in their trunk. If you choose to go with a mountain bike tour, though, transportation to and from the airport is (or at least should be) included.
  2. Supporting local guides and trail builders. This is one of the biggest reasons to travel with a mountain bike tour company, especially if you’re going to less-developed countries like Nepal or Peru where guides really depend on tourism money. Booking through a tour company (as opposed to doing it yourself) supports local communities and may even help them build or maintain local trails.
  3. Having mechanical support. If you get a mechanical on the trail or your bike arrives damaged, it’s really nice to have mechanical support from a tour guide or company. While they might not have every spare part, they usually have connections at local bike shops and can get your bike in for an early morning repair so you’re ready to rip the trails.
  4. Staying in bike-friendly hotels. While this isn’t a huge deal-breaker, it is nice to stay in hotels or other accommodations that are bike-friendly. This could include a large, open outdoor space to build bikes, a bike wash station (or at least a hose), and large enough rooms to store your bike inside at night or secure bike storage on-site.
  5. Not having to figure out which are the ‘best’ trails to ride. Even in your local trail network, it takes a lot of time and energy to discover the best mountain bike trails and how to link them up. This is another big reason to go through a local tour company – they know the area and can take you on the best of the best and skip the less fun terrain.
  6. Transportation to and from the trailheads (and shuttles!). With a mountain bike tour, transportation to and from the trailheads will be provided, so no need to pedal extra miles just to get to the trailhead. Many tours are also shuttle-based, so you can get multiple laps in per day.
  7. Meeting rad new mountain biking friends! Mountain bikers are a fun-loving community, so you’re sure to meet some rad new friends on any trip you go on.
Group of mountain bikers standing in two rows posing for photo on mountain bike trip to Oaxaca, Mexico
Our group of shredders on our Oaxaca mountain bike tour

Multi-day mountain bike tours around the world

1. H+I Adventures

H+I Adventures is a premier mountain bike tour company based out of Scotland and they’re kind of my secret crush. Everything about their website, trips, photos, videos, and ethos calls my name. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re Scottish, too. Anyway… all of their adventures look amazing.

They offer a wide range of tours from crushing Canada’s Yukon Territory to exploring the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Each tour is rated by difficulty, so you can easily choose a destination based on your abilities and fitness. If you follow the Enduro World Series, H+I Adventures has teamed up with the EWS to offer EWS Travel where you can ride with pros and check out the EWS tracks for yourself.

They also offer e-MTB tours so you can cover more miles during the day and still have the energy to explore beautiful towns and sights at night.

On my bucket list? Namibia and Morocco! (And all the other ones)

  • Tour destinations:
    • Africa: Namibia, Morocco
    • Asia: Bhutan, Nepal
    • Canada: Yukon, British Columbia
    • Europe: Croatia, Scotland, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain
    • Oceania: New Zealand
    • South America: Chile + Patagonia, Ecuador
    • United States: Colorado
  • Headquarters: Inverness, Scotland
  • Website: H+I Adventures
Mountain biker riding down red singletrack trail in Morocco
Mountain biking in Morocco | Image courtesy of H+I Adventures

2. Haku Expeditions

During my trip to Peru, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Koch who founded Haku Expeditions with her husband in 2014. We rode the mega-avalanche course together outside Ollantaytambo and she can rip!

She and her husband have built a multi-country mountain bike tour company that focuses on top-notch experiences as well as giving back to communities through their social projects and supporting local communities.

They also have a cool loyalty program where your sixth trip is free!

  • Tour destinations:
    • Asia: Nepal
    • South America: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador
  • Headquarters: Peru
  • Website: Haku Expeditions
Three mountain bikers ripping down singletrack trail with snow-capped cone-shaped volcano in background
Mountain biking in Ecuador | Image courtesy of Haku Expeditions

3. Sacred Rides

Sacred Rides is perhaps the best-known mountain bike travel company out there with tours in over 13 countries and across the United States and a “#1 Mountain bike tour company on earth” kudos from National Geographic Traveler. I’d love to join every single one of their trips (bloggers make that kind of money, right?)

What makes Sacred Rides unique is that they have a wide range of tour options from women-only vacations to mellower gravel rides and everything in between. They even have tours for mountain bikers with partners who don’t ride!

While their tours definitely aren’t the cheapest, you do get very well taken care of and they typically have a guide-to-client ratio of 4:1, which is amazing!

On my bike-it list? Iceland. Seven days of Jeep-supported riding over the Land of Fire and Ice, hot springs to soak in, challenging climbs and epic descents, delicious Icelandic cuisine… sign. me. up.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Asia: Nepal, Thailand
    • Canada: British Columbia, Québec
    • Central America: Guatemala
    • Europe: Iceland, Slovenia/Croatia, Spain, Switzerland/Italy
    • Oceania: New Zealand
    • South America: Patagonia, Peru
    • United States: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
  • Website: Sacred Rides
Mountain biker riding loose dirt trail in Iceland surrounded by rugged, desolate landscape
Mountain biking in Iceland | Image courtesy of Sacred Rides

4. World Ride

World Ride is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower women globally through mountain biking. One of their ways to raise money for projects is through tours. I was fortunate enough to travel to Peru for an amazing World Ride mountain bike tour. Not only was the riding incredible, but we also got to shred with some local Peruvian women, one of which was the current National Downhill champ.

If you want to help get more women on mountain bikes around the world, consider booking your tour through World Ride.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Africa: Lesotho
    • Asia: Nepal
    • Central America: Guatemala
    • South America: Peru
    • United States: Utah, Arizona
  • Headquarters: Moab, Utah
  • Website: World Ride
Two mountain bikers stopped to look out over incredible mountain and valley vistas in Peru
The landscapes and views in Peru are incredible!
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5. Ride the Earth

Ride the Earth is a small tour company founded by Julie Hanen, an avid mountain biker based in Montana. Her carefully selected destinations feature unique mountain biking experiences led by local guides and mixed with other adventures like zip-lining, hikes to waterfalls, cultural experiences, and more.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Asia: Japan
    • Central America: Costa Rica
    • South America: Peru
    • United States: Utah
  • Headquarters: Montana
  • Website: Ride The Earth
Mountain bikers riding u-shaped elevated wooden ramp on mountain bike trail in Costa Rica
Mountain biking in Costa Rica | Image courtesy of Ride The Earth

6. Escape Adventures

Escape Adventures is a multi-sport adventure company based out of Las Vegas and Moab, Utah. They offer a number of different adventures including multi-day mountain bike trips to incredible destinations throughout the US and a few places abroad.

Their trips focus on the backcountry experience with many of them being camping trips. Escape Adventures is also very family-focused, so they’re a great choice if you have kids.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Central America: Mexico
    • Europe: Switzerland
    • Oceania: New Zealand
    • United States: Oregon, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Arkansas, North Dakota
  • Headquarters: Las Vegas
  • Website: Escape Adventures
Bikepacker riding bike down remote red dirt road on the White Rim Trail in Utah with canyonland vistas in the distance
White Rim Trail in Moab

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7. Chasing Epic

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and really get after it on your mountain bike tour, then Chasing Epic may be your answer. They offer 4-day all-inclusive, fully guided mountain bike adventures across North America that cater toward more advanced riders.

I hope they continue to expand and add trips outside of North America!

  • Tour destinations:
    • Canada: British Columbia
    • United States: Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado, Idaho, Utah
  • Headquarters: Colorado
  • Website: Chasing Epic
Mountain biker riding down wet, slippery rock slab in British Columbia
Mountain biking in Squamish, BC | Image courtesy of Chasing Epic

8. Adventure Meraki

I’ve been to Costa Rica many times during my 10-year stint working on National Geographic ships, but never to mountain bike. I was actually surprised to hear that mountain biking in Costa Rica has become so popular and they even have their own bike park, which looks pretty darn awesome.

Adventure Meraki is the leading tour operator here. They have a basecamp in Costa Rica, but they also run trips in Morocco and Italy.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Africa: Morocco
    • Central America: Costa Rica
    • Europe: Italy
  • Website: Adventure Meraki

9. Wandering Wheels

Heli-mountain biking has been high, high, high on my bucket list of adventures I want to do, so I was super excited to discover the mountain biking tour company Wandering Wheels. Their British Columbia tours include a at least day of heli-biking and I will for sure be on one of those trips in the near future.

And probably others as well… the Tibet mountain biking trip and Himalaya Enduro sound epic!

If you find yourself in Revelstoke not one of their tours, they also do day heli-trips which is a second best option.

  • Tour destinations:
    • Canada: British Columbia, Yukon,
    • South America: Peru, Ecuador
    • Asia: Nepal, Tibet
  • Headquarters: Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • Website: Wandering Wheels

Single-Country Mountain Bike Tours

10. Western Spirit

Western Spirt is a tour company that runs bike trips throughout the US. They have a special focus on National Park adventures (road cycling and gravel biking only), but they also have singletrack tours as well.

You can choose from fun, flowy easy-going tours to rugged mountain biking adventures like the Black Canyon Trail, Colorado singletrack, and more.

  • Tour destinations:
    • United States: Utah, Texas, Arizona, South Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, California
  • Headquarters: Moab, Utah
  • Website: Western Spirit
Line of mountain bikers riding through bright green field down to river
Mountain biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota | Image courtesy of Western Spirit

11. Rim Tours

Rim Tours is a long-standing tour company that was started back in 1985 and has since grown into one of the best and most trusted mountain bike tour operators in the west.

They offer day and multi-day adventures to beautiful places like Bear’s Ears National Monument, the White Rim, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Gooseberry Mesa, and more.

  • Tour destinations:
    • United States: Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon
  • Headquarters: Moab, Utah
  • Website: Rim Tours
Becky stopped on trail with mountain bike looking out over Utah canyonland from Gooseberry Mesa
Mountain biking on Gooseberry Mesa in Utah

12. New Zealand Singletrack Adventures

Looking to explore New Zealand by mountain bike? New Zealand Singletrack Adventures offers three multi-day tours to explore the beautiful South Island on two wheels.

From hut-to-hut riding on the Old Ghost Road to Heli-Biking on the gorgeous West Coast Alpine, New Zealand is definitely a must for any mountain biker with wanderlust!

Two mountain bikers riding along ridge trail in New Zealand
Mountain biking on the Old Ghost Road in New Zealand | Image courtesy of New Zealand Singletrack Adventures

13. Oaxaca Bike Expeditions

I did the 6-Day Día de lost Muertos tour with Oaxaca Bike Expeditions and let me just say, it was incredible! Javier and his team put together an amazing week of riding, food, stoke, and more. Stay at the best hotel in town, eat at the top restaurants, run shuttle after shuttle on epic trails – what’s not to love? If you’re looking for a fun mountain biking getaway, I highly recommend heading to Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you’re looking for some pointers, check out one of the celebrity trips where you get to ride with a pro mountain biker (like Geoff Gulevich or Yoann Barelli) and work on your riding skills.

Becky in mountain bike gear looking out over mountains and valleys of Oaxaca Mexico

14. MTB Guatemala

Guatemala is kind of blowing up on the mountain bike tour scene. I imagine the trails are still a bit raw and rugged, but I’ve heard really amazing things about the riding there. MTB Guatemala offers several multi-day tours in this Central American country ranging from cross-country pedaling to hardcore enduro.

One of the coolest things about these trips is their base lodge – a beautiful cabaña up in the mountains with amazing views of volcanoes and the surrounding forest.

Cabana house in clearing in Guatemala
MTB Guatemala Base Camp | Image courtesy of MTB Guatemala

15. Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure

Towering mountains, long descents, incredible Himalayan food and culture… a mountain bike trip to Nepal has long been on my bucket list and Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures is one of the best tour companies offering multi-day trips. Explore the Annapurna Circuit by bike, traverse the cross-country route from Kathmandu to Pokhara, head to the Mustang Valley, and more.

One look at the photos and you’ll be convinced!

Mountain bikers riding down singletrack trail in high desert landscape of Nepal
Mountain biking in Nepal | Image courtesy of Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure

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