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  1. I’ve been searching for this kind of content for a long long time. You guys are big legends. cheers for all that info

  2. Any thoughts on traveling to Prague with a folded trike. Specifically a trident stowaway 26 trike?. A storage container?

    1. I really can’t offer any tips for that, unfortunately… Depending on how well it folds down, you might be able to check it without boxing it up. Good luck!

  3. Great article! A few suggestions: 1. Instead of using a hard case, consider using a soft case with a frame. This will save you a lot of money and hassle. 2. Make sure to pack your bike well. Use plenty of padding and secure the bike so it doesn’t move around in the case. 3. When flying, always choose a bike-friendly airline. Some airlines have very strict policies and will not allow you to bring your bike on board. 4. Be prepared for the worst. Your bike could get damaged in transit, so it’s always a good idea to have insurance. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Having looked at WestJets policies, I’m pretty sure it’s a standard check in bag fee + a $50 handling fee. I’d love to be proven wrong 🙂

  5. Have you travelled with the Dakine bag on Spirit airlines? I have the same bag and was wondering if they will accept it in lieu of a box or hard case as stipulated on their website.

  6. I will be headed to Australia in a couple of weeks and I am trying to find a hard case to borrow. I have heard that United is a bike friendly airlines. If I do get dinged for oversized or over the 50lb weight limit – what has been your experience on how much extra they charge?

    I have heard anywhere from 50.00 to 200.00 each way

    Thanks Erik

  7. I am confused by the Virginatlantic requirements for bike on their website. Do we know for sure that they will take oversize bike bags/boxes?

    1. Hi Graeme – the way I understand it is that Virgin Atlantic will take bike bags/boxes, but in order for the bag to be considered ‘normal’ luggage it needs to be under 50lbs and under 81 linear inches. If it’s over 81 linear inches, there is an oversize fee.

      Most bike bags are at least 100 linear inches. You could pack your bike in a box, which might help you stay under the oversize limits.

  8. Hi Becky!
    Nicole here at Haku, I have alot of experience flying with LATAM which is the common carrier in South America. National flights in Peru are 35 usd, flights to other South American destinations are 50 USD. Not sure about to Europe (although I am about to find out in June!!!!) They often let the bag weigh more than 50 lb as well so you can fill it with clothes and stuff.

    Pre-pandemic they were great but I have to say they lost two bikes in the last two months and were terrible about trying to get it quickly. (Get travel insurance people!!) They lost Brett Tippies bike in Ecuador and we got it about 4-5 days later and they lost my clients bike coming to peru and he got it 6 days later. Luckliy we have rental bikes in Peru so he was able to ride…in Ecuador Brett wasnt so lucky! This brings up the topic to consider any additional travel days one might add onto their bike vacation to be on the front end!

    My only comment about the blog is that when you pack your stuff outside the bike bag (to make the bag lighter) is that if they lose the suitcase (of clothes with bike parts) then you can’t put your bike together. So maybe if its possible put it in the hand luggage!

    I really love your blogs they are well done and fully researched! I will link in my Haku Blogs to you!


      1. I have not flown with Southwest with a bike, but from what I can gather from their website bike bags that are under 62 linear inches and 50 lbs fly for free. Bikes over 50 lbs and 62 linear inches are $75 one way.

        I honestly don’t know any bike bag that is going to be under 62 linear inches 🙁

  9. I’m curious about your comment "***This guide pertains to non-motorized bicycles. Most airlines do not allow you to fly with motorized bikes". How would the airline know that it’s a motorized bike? Obviously you can’t place the battery in checked luggage. Thanks for the article.

      1. Hi Becky,
        There is a company in Vancouver, BC called Grin Technologies that makes air allowable batteries for ebikes. They are called Ligo. They are just under 100 wh and can be combined together to produce 300 or more wh.
        We have travelled with them, by air, across Canada and also to Costa Rica with no problems and plan to try Euope this spring.

  10. For AeroMexico, the $150 international charge, is it for a one-way fee only> I have a round trip first class ticket but it didn’t mention in their website if the charge covers both flight or not. Thanks!

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