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  1. I’m worried about other commuters possibly hitting my ride, so I think roof-mounted might be the best option.

  2. I was wondering if you had the chance to try the Arvika bike rack? ( I’ve had mine for some time now and sees a lot of blog talking about bike rack, but Arvika seems to be forgotten.

    Their bike rack goes on A-Frame (travel trailer), but it can also be mounted on a hitch. They have this hitch adapter, so it’s possible for me to take the same bike rack on my travel trailer and my car. Pretty solide, no problem so far with it and i’m able to bring 4 bikes with it!

  3. Good review.

    Glad ReKKKon was sold, I didn’t like the owner for his political views and I vote with my dollar.

    Other really good vertical racks that hold more than mtn bikes is VelociRAX. Similar to the Recon, but better. I have the Northshore and it’s been great, but it does cause fork rub and the front tires spin, which I would think causes bearing wear, plus it’s distracting. I used a bungie running through the spokes to stop that, so easy fix. You can’t get a road bike on it unless you flip it backwards and use two spots, so it is doable.

    For tray style, QuikR ( is a newish brand by the guy who started OneUP, so it’s the same only better. I just recently got mine and it’s worth the money. Very high quality. Compact storage design. Love it.

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