7 Interesting Mountain Bike Podcasts

Discover the best mountain bike podcasts to download right now including conversations with pro riders, tips from coaches, and more!

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Are you a podcast person? I definitely am! I like to listen to them on long drives, while I’m working out, on airplanes, and even when I’m having a hard time falling asleep (if that’s you as well, I highly recommend the Get Sleepy podcast). So it’s no surprise that I have a lineup of great mountain bike podcasts to download whenever I need some two-wheeled inspiration.

These podcasts cover all topics from conversations with pro riders who share their successes and struggles on the race track, mountain bike coaches sharing their tips and tricks, and everyday riders who love talking about singletrack and single speeds.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a podcast for you! Below is a round-up of the best mountain biking-related podcasts out there.

Best overall mountain bike podcast

1. Downtime – The mountain bike podcast

Downtime might be the most well-known mountain bike podcast out there. Each week, host Chris Hall, an avid mountain biker himself, interviews industry experts including professional athletes, coaches, brand representatives, bike engineers, and more. His goal is to learn the secrets behind their successes and talk about their failures so that his listeners – us! – can become better, faster, and stronger on the bike.

Start with:

  • Tahńee Seagrave – Following Her Dreams (Dec 9th, 2019)
  • Yoann Barelli – Injury, Photography, Addiction, & More (Aug 20, 2019)
  • Chris Akrigg – Making it Look Easy (Aug 30, 2021)
  • Mountain Biking’s 5 Biggest Challenges & How to Overcome Them (July 5th, 2022)

2. Runner up: Brett Tippie Podcast

Most mountain bikers are very familiar with the name Brett Tippie, but if you’re not, he’s a mountain biking legend known for going big. Really big. He’s done some crazy stunts as a freeride mountain biker (and snowboarder), and while he still sends massive jumps and features, he’s mellowed a bit with age and family.

In his podcast, Brett interviews a wide variety of superstars, industry veterans, up-and-comers, and more to get a glimpse into their lives as mountain bikers and awesome people. Expect lots of laughs and shenanigans from one of the most ‘colorful characters in the mountain biking world’.

Start with:

  • Haku Expeditions – Ecuador (Dec 7th, 2021)
  • Mark Matthews (Sep14th, 2021)
  • Miranda Miller (Jan 25th, 2022)

Best Podcast for Improving fitness & health

3. The Sonya Looney Show

I really love the Sonya Looney Show. She does a great job interviewing her guests and she knows her stuff! Sonya Looney is a professional mountain biker herself and has tons of national and international wins under her tires.

She’s also a mindset and mental skills coach and she shares her tips on thriving as a plant-based athlete.

Her podcast is varied, not all episodes are mountain bike related, but each of them has its own nuggets of great information and advice. I highly recommend this one!

Start with:

  • Behind the Adventure Stache with Payson McElveen (May 26th, 2022)
  • Lifestyle Medicine & Cardiovascular Health with Dr. Brian Asbill (Feb 22nd, 2022)
  • Eliot Jackson Talks Cycling Career & the Grow Cycling Foundation (June 24, 2021)
Where to listen
Podcast cover of Sonya Looney Show with Sonya holding microphone to mouth

Best podcast for Industry Updates

4. Singletracks Mountain Bike Voices

You’ve probably heard of the Singletracks website, but maybe you didn’t know that they have a podcast as well.

Just like their site, they release episodes on all sorts of topics from athletes, product designers, trail builders, coaches, mechanics, artists, and leaders in the mountain biking community.

Their podcast has been around since 2015, so there are over 300 episodes to choose from!

Start with:

  • Kate Leeming on Exploring the Planet by Mountain Bike (Oct 3, 2022)
  • How a Lack of Strength & Fitness Contribute to Injury Risk for Bikers (July 25, 2022)
  • 40 Years of Mountain Bike Innovation with Rocky Mountain Bikes (Aug 16th, 2021)
Where to listen
Podcast cover for Mountain Bike Voices

5. Runner up: MTB Podcast

Presented by World Wide Cyclery and hosted by three mountain bike-loving dudes, MTB Podcast shares pretty much everything you might want to know about the sport and industry.

From behind-the-scenes engineering design to the latest trends to new year predictions, this podcast is as wide-ranging as it is entertaining.

Start with:

  • Neko Mulally On Designing His Own Bike (Dec 21st, 2022)
  • MTB Engineers Solve Non-Existant Problems (Oct 28th, 2022)
  • Strength Training & Nutrition with Dialed Health’s Derek Teel (Apr 7th, 2019)
Where to listen
MTB Podcast logo

6. Runner up: The Inside Line by Vital MTB

Are you a racer or do you just like following the pros? The Inside Line podcast, presented by the team behind the Vital MTB blog, dives deep into the world of mountain bike racing and pro riding.

From post-race interviews with the likes of Greg Minnaar, Aaron Gwin, and Amy Morrison to track talks, to chats with industry insiders, this podcast covers all things racing and more.

Start with:

  • Greg Minnaar at the World Champs (Aug 31, 2021)
  • Danny MacAskill (Feb 2, 2022)
  • Any Morrison (Jun 9, 2022)
Where to listen
Vital MTB podcast cover

Best Podcast for Adventure & Travel

7. The Adventure Stache

I’ve been listening to the Adventure Stache podcast for several years now and I love listening to the stories and adventures of Payson McElveen (the host) and his high-performing guests.

McElveen is a professional mountain bike and gravel racer who travels around the world to ride his bike. He interviews his fellow athletes from other pro riders to ultra-runners and other interesting people in the industry.

Each of his episodes is unique, fun, and a great way to pass the time!

Start with:

  • Steve Bein: A Chance Encounter with a Bikepacker in New Zealand (Dec 5th, 2022
  • Keegan Swenson on UCI Road Worlds (Oct 4th, 2022)
  • Reed Boggs, Freeride Mountain Biker (Nov 13th, 2021)
Where to listen
The Adventure Stache podcast cover image


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What are your favorite mountain bike podcasts and episodes? Do you have any to add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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