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  1. I have gone on 3 separate trips to Arkansas to mountain bike (And ride motorcycles which Arkansas rocks for). Bentonville is like going to an amusement park…short and sweet fun for the whole family. Would love to live there as riding these trails are low commitment. Back 40 and blowing springs are great XC with a lot of variety. Great workout and can ride in rain, but nothing next level.

    I road Pinnacle, hated pinnacle. I think the trails are boring or don’t quite make sense. Like hiking trails turned into MTB trails. Lots of weird decisions on routes and wasted elevation potential. Truly frustrating.

    Mt.Nebo, on the other hand, is top tier. Its the only trails in Arkansas that felt grand. Do not bring a beginner here. But experts will feel what mountain riding is 600 miles east of real mountains.

    Passion play is fun and dense and I road by Eureka Springs seeing a lot of big smiles on a few MTBers faces.

    1. Thanks for the insights! Interesting about Pinnacle. I almost stopped there on my way out of Arkansas, but glad I didn’t. Sounds like I’ll need more than a day to figure the trails out. Mt. Nebo is definitely on my list, though. Even more so now!

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