BikePacking & Bike Touring

Bikepacking and bicycle touring are, in my opinion, among the best ways to see the world. There’s nothing quite like pedaling yourself from point A to point B with all you need strapped to your bike.

I’ve gone on a number of bikepacking and touring trips from simple overnighters to multi-day international adventures.

Wherever your two wheels take you, find all the information you need to plan your next bikepacking or bicycle touring trip here.

What’s the difference?

Bikepacking is typically off-road and involves carrying all your gear on your bike, making it ideal for those who enjoy camping and exploring remote trails. On the other hand, bike touring usually involves longer distances on paved roads and can be self-supported or guided and riders usually stay in hotels, hostels, or bed & breakfasts.

Bikepacking & Touring Trips

Bikepacking and touring trips can really take all shapes and forms. A quick overnighter in the hills in the back of your house can be just as amazing as a multi-day adventure in an exotic locale.

I’ve gone on all types of bikepacking and touring adventures and I hope some of these posts help fuel your next getaway.

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Epic Bike Rides of The World

This beautiful coffee table book is packed full of incredible rides and cycling vacations across the world from Africa to Andalusia. If you’re looking for the ultimate two-wheeled getaway, this book will surely inspire your next getaway. Where to first?

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Bikepacking & Touring Gear

One thing I’ve learned from my bikepacking and bicycle touring adventures is that there is no one perfect setup. Instead, the best bikepacking gear really depends on the type of trip your doing, where you’re headed, and what your goals are. On these pages, you can find some of my top picks for all styles of bikepacking and touring trips.

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Rogue Panda Bikepacking Bags

There are a lot of bikepacking bags out there to choose from, but my favorite brand is Rogue Panda for their quality, durability, and custom options. You can choose your own prints and get a bag that is specifically made for your bike.

Bikepacking & touring Tips

Venturing out onto your first overnight bikepacking or touring trip is exciting. But what should you pack? How do you plan meals? How much water do you need? In these bikepacking and touring tip posts, I answer those questions and more!