Road Cycling & Gravel Biking

Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of road riding (actually, I’m not a big fan of cars). But I do love a nice scenic bike path and I’m diving into the world of gravel biking with my new Otso Warakin.

While road and gravel aren’t my first loves, I will never turn down a two-wheeled adventure!

Road & Gravel Biking Destinations

As I mentioned above, road riding isn’t my fave unless it’s on a quiet road with a wide shoulder. But I am getting more and more into gravel biking, which is a great blend between mountain biking and road. I’m still building out these skinny tire trips and destinations, but I hope you find some gravel and paved two-wheeled inspiration!

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Epic Bike Rides of The World

This beautiful coffee table book is packed full of incredible rides and cycling vacations across the world from Africa to Andalusia. If you’re looking for the ultimate two-wheeled getaway, this book will surely inspire your next getaway. Where to first?

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Road & Gravel Biking Gear

Need some help finding the right road and gravel biking gear? I’ve tested out a lot of chamois and swapped out a lot of saddles to find my perfect fit. While everyone is different, I hope these gear posts will help you discover your next favorite items.

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Pearl iZUMi Apparel

Pearl izumi is my go-to brand for road & gravel biking apparel and accessories. I love their jerseys, jackets, and chamois. They also sell a full line of bibs, shoes, and more!

Road & Gravel Biking Tips

While I’m definitely still learning the ins and outs of gravel and road biking, I have been riding bikes for decades, so I do know a thing or two about how to handle one. On these pages, you’ll find simple tips on how to elevate your skinny tire adventures and make the most of your time in the saddle.