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  1. hy Becky. Thk U for sharing. Was so nice to read your experience and story. I had interest to work on Backroads. I am extrovert and like to entertaining also travelling.
    But unfortunately Backroads can’t accept me as Indonesia citizen. It’s so bad.

  2. Hi Becky! Thank you for sharing all this! I am applying in Europe and my main concern is not being able to keep with with all the biking and hiking. I have done the Camino de Santiago but in my mind if we will be cycling or hiking for hours per day I am not sure if my body will handle this much. Could you please share a little more how was your experience with this (and if you were already super fit before that)? How many hours could I expect to bike, walk per day and are there breaks, is it a very fast pace…? Thank you very much! Reading your experience was very helpful!

    1. Hi Mimi – I can only speak to my experience. I didn’t do any hiking trips, but I’d say as a trip leader, I biked 30-60 miles every other day. As a support leader, you won’t be biking with guests, but you can usually take a bike after you’re done with work if you want to ride. I think it really depends on the trip you’re leading, what the guests want to do, and what location you’re placed in. Good luck!

  3. Also kind of where James is at with the tps position except I’m Canadian.

    Not sure what to make of it, but i suppose even one season placed in the rockies would be worth it

  4. Any thoughts about the TPS position? I just got offered the position and like you am an introvert with alone-time needs, but also understand there’s a bit more routine with TPS (and less money!)

    1. Hi James, the TPS position is a lot more relaxed and you have more time to yourself for sure. You’ll still be living in a leader house, which can be pretty chaotic at times depending on where you\’re sent. It is less money, but it can be a great experience! If you choose to take the job, I recommend trying to get placed in a quieter location. I was in Berkeley, which is one of the biggest and busiest hubs and it was just not for me.

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