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  1. I find the Aeroe rear frame unit to be spectacular, 3 cradles can be attached. And it fits and attaches securely to any bike. The attaching mechanism is amazing, like no other. It does require torqueing the hex bolts to 4 NM, so a small torque wrench is required. They also have a handlebar cradle, which I have not yet purchased.

  2. Thanks so much for your blog posts. I’m a road bike tourer rather than single track, but your advice is helpful for all who load up a bike and go for an adventure. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to get a set of Ortlieb panniers for bike touring. I managed to grab a set of Ortlieb Back roller plus pros off craigslist (new still in the box) for half the cost of a new set from the store. Plus an additional Ortlieb single back roller on craigslist for $30…score!!!
    Here’s a question for you…anything that you bring with you that’s just for fun? I personally bring a sketchbook, watercolor pans and travel watercolor brushes instead of a camera. Thanks again,

    1. The Ortliebs are a great choice 🙂 What do I bring just for fun… I’ll either bring a book if I’m doing a trip by myself or a travel cribbage game if I’m riding with a friend. I wish I was more artistic!

  3. Becky, I have obtained a JPaks LLC (Denver, CO-entrepreneur) has superb top tube paks that he sews himself and good choices of sizes: SnakPak is the smallest (9.5″), Footlong (12.5″) and then the FarvaPak at 15 in. Either Velcro or snap-on. Great zips and nicely sewn. I have a Footlong and man it holds loads of snacks, phone, small camera, multi-tool and keys. You might want to check Joe’s handiwork out.

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