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    1. The link preserves the geometry, so it shouldn’t really affect how it climbs. That being said, I’ve been on a Santa Cruz Bronson mullet for the past year and a half and while I love it on the downhills, it definitely doesn’t climb as well as other bikes I’ve ridden.

  1. I LOVE my new Bronson. I had the 2019 Bronson and really loved it, but ended up selling it for a 2020 Hightower. Honestly I never really ‘bonded’ with the Hightower even though I liked it better as mullet. The 2021 mixed wheel Bronson is amazing. It pedals well and is great on chunky descents. I feel like it performs really well on a mix of different terrain. It’s the best bike I’ve ever had and I ride everything with it from bike park to xc trails 🙂

  2. Great article. I currently have a Bronson, and it might be my perfect bike but I cant help but wonder if the mullet would be faster…would you say you are happier on your Hightower mullet than your Bronson?

  3. I run a 29" front wheel & 150mm 29er fork on my medium V3 Bronson. A bit on the slack side, but I like it. To me, putting a smaller wheel on the longer chainstays of a 29er negates one of the reasons for running a smaller rear wheel. H\I hope we see more mullet bikes (like the Specialized Status) in the future.

  4. Hello all.
Any suggestion to transform my Hightower LT CC V1 in a mullet?
Cascade components does not sale the link for that model.

  5. Awesome set up!
I’m also running my V2 Hightower set up as a ‘Mullet Bike"
    But, I’m using a 27x 2.6 rear tyre and a 29×2.5 front tyre.
Im also running a 160mm fork and have simply flipped the original flip chip into the high mode and my bottom bracket height with that set up is 340mm.
    Meaning that my set up has a slightly higher BB than the set up using a Cascade Link.
So maybe I don’t need the Mullet cascade link yeah?

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