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  1. “The best time to ride The Whole Enchilada is between October and November”. What months are between October and November that we could ride! Just kidding, great write up and I agree with pretty much all you said. Last time I was 55 and a solid intermediate and didn’t really have any issues, but I did walk a couple of spots. I’ve done it in early May and it was fine, but I’ve never gotten to do the entire thing. Early May it was snowed in and when I went in the fall there was roadwork, but that is OK, I didn’t look forward to the climb and I’m from Hazard, KY, so it was kinda fitting. When we did it in the fall it poured the rain the day before, we were going to just ride slickrock, but the lady said just don’t ride around the puddles and go for it. The mud was terrible and I was pushing the limits of tire clearance anyways, because….well, its the desert and I didn’t expect mud. It was still a blast, but the little connector road where you start really gummed things up.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for the description, we have nothing like this is the here hence I am looking at coming over from the UK to do as much of the MOAB trails as I can (well when i say looking the flights are booked lol), and TWE is top of my list, I am looking at three days of solid riding . Plan is to get some easier rock riding trails in on the 1st day (Sliprock was suggested) then TWE on day 2 leaving a day spare at the end to explore. The only time I can get out there is early June so I am hoping the snow pack is gone to do the full run, although I am going to be honest I will be doing this on a Foes Mutz full sus fatbike so it might might make it if the bus up can! Firstly do you think its a good idea to warm up on some easy trails round there or should I just jump in to TWE and not waste time, the Muts runs 4.4 tyres and has 150mm of travel so do you think this is enough to enjoy the ride as I have seen that a few HT fatties have done it but there is a difference between doing and enjoying a trail! Also I carry a water filtering Camelpak and wondered if there were any places to refill from springs on the way??

    1. Hi Matt! You’ll love Moab 🙂 I would suggest doing the Navajo Rocks loop over Slickrock, but that’s my personal preference. As for snow in June, there might still be some… It just depends on the year. I would recommend doing a ride or two before hitting the Whole Enchilada so you get a better idea of what the riding is like in Moab. You should be fine on a fat-tire 150mm full suspension bike – it’ll roll over all the rocks! As for water, it’s best to carry all that you need because there’s very little water in the desert. Have a blast!

      1. So this is more a thank you than a question, we rode the TWE on the fatties in Septemeber and it is awsome. All the info here was useful, one thing i would add is maybe take some water / drinks for the shuttle up to hydrate as much as before and eat well, and yes as much water as you can carry for the ride as Becky says. The trails are as scary or easy as you want them to be, and also beware of a few fallen trees on Burro that have yet to be cleared. We thought about it and stashing some frozen water in spare Camelbak bladders at the end of Hazard / start of Kope the night before works so we knew we had a reserve and used it all. We used the tool list here and used none of it luckily but you NEED all of it believe me. We did the Brand trails too over the trip and will be back in Sept ’24 to do it all again, and once again thanks!

  3. Hi Becky,
    Yes, got it! I did Falcon Flow and Eagle Eye last year. So fun, and flowy. I guess I could take Eagle Eye and link back onto TWE at the end of Eagle Eye with the access trail.
    However, I think I’ll do TWE and do a gut/body check at the end of LPS and decide whether to keep going or not.
    Thanks for the tips! Check out Eagle Eye and Falcon Flow next time you are there.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the awesome break down. I’ve done Slickrock and Captain Ahab, and wondering how those trails compare. I’ve heard portions of the Whole Enchilada get extremely chunky, and for a long period of time. Captain Ahab has alot of that chunky, with medium drops, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Is it very similar to Ahab? Or only a short stretch of it?
    In your opinion, if you’ve ridden those trails before, is the Whole Enchilada harder than those? Captain Ahab kicked my ass, but I managed it.
    any advice helps! I’m debating on starting at UPS, or doing the whole thing!

    1. Hey Dan! So parts of The Whole Enchilada are definitely similar to Captain Ahab. It actually gets harder and more like Ahab toward the end on UPS, LPS, and Porcupine Rim. The stuff higher up (Burro Pass and Hazard County) are less technical. If you want more flow and less chunk, I would recommend doing Jimmy Keen to Eagle Eye (which is new, I haven’t ridden it) to Falcon Flow. You’ll have to ride on Sand Flat Road a bit to connect them, but this descent will skip the chunky tech on the lower part of The Whole Enchilada. You could also do UPS to see how you like the riding and then decide if you want to take Eagle Eye instead. Hope that make sense!

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