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  1. Wow! I’m so glad I found your blog! This is so well-written with so much great info. Thank you! I’m in California and want to do some travel to the Southwest at some point. I’m curious … I’m actually in the market for a new bike right now and thought I’d ask for your input. I’m currently riding a 2012 Rocky Mountain Element 30 and it feels like all the bike I need to do the sort of riding I want to do – mostly cross country – some technical, no jumps or anything wild. But I’m looking for a lighter bike, so am considering bikes like the Juliana Wilder TR… do you think that would be an appropriate bike for the type of rides above and similar in Sedona? I was actually fine on my old GT hardtail until I started trying slightly harder (easy black diamond) trails. Anyway – so you are a coach – do you ever hold clinics in CA? I’d love to do a clinic with a woman instructor! Thank you – Jodi

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