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  1. Not sure how much work has been done since you rode this but as of November 2021, The final 1/2 mile or so has been engineered with all of the roller coaster drops and rises to be rideable. They may not appear to be if you’re entering blind, but if you trust the trailbuilders (I got the chance to run int them and give thanks!), dropping in and carrying your momentum up the next rise is about as thrilling an experience a mountain biker could ask forever! Thanks for the great write up!

    1. Thanks Chris! Last time I rode it I remembered the final 1/4 of a mile to be rideable, but definitely technical. Maybe they’ve done some work on it since. I guess I’ll just have to go back and ride it again 🙂

  2. Thanks for explaining how to get to the trail. Was looking at the and I couldn’t figure out how to get to the trail. I am and intermediate/advanced rider from LA – biked mostly California Santa Monica Mountains. I pretty sure that I will need to walk some sections but that would be ok – just want to enjoy the views of the trail – thanks for the article.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! There are definitely some walk-worthy sections, so don’t feel pressure to ride it all. Have a great time and enjoy the views!

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