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  1. Gooseberry Mesa is a great trail. It is not my favorite, and I have ridden a lot of trails, but you owe it to yourself to do it at least once. I don’t think you can travel on the trail for more than 6 feet without turning, or going up or down. Maybe it is because I have ridden so long, but I don’t find this place scary at all. There are no monsters there. Just like any trail, if you find a section that exceeds your ability level, get off and push your bike. You would really have to be a moron to fall off a cliff here and die. That is a choice to be that irresponsible. Lastly, you do no need a 4 wheel drive or off road vehicle. We have a cool Sprinter van now, but we used to go out and camp out of our Prius. Yes, I said Prius. The last time we went out, the dirt road to the trail was groomed like pavement. But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,head the warning about rain. When you get off the pavement onto the dirt roads, which is at least 10 miles of driving, the mud from the rain is no fun. I mean really not fun. Additionally, the main road can be in washboard condition for miles. Go ride this trail!

    1. Thanks for your tips! Agreed, Gooseberry is awesome and a must-ride. The exposure is definitely there, but I’ve never felt unsafe either. You can always get off and walk, though. Enjoy your adventures!

  2. Hi,
    We are looking for a place to base ourself for a week and really curious about this place, but we are a bit worried that the whole place is a but « flattish « and doesn’t have enough technical riding compared to Sedona or Moab. It’s hard to get a feeling just watching videos. There is the Red Bull stuff, but we need to come back alive:).
    Thanks for your feedback,

    1. I think you’ll find plenty of tech in Hurricane 🙂 Maybe not quite as much as Sedona or Moab, but it has its own array of challenging trails and it’s definitely not flat. For sure do South Rim on Gooseberry Mesa. If you’ve never been to Hurricane I highly recommend going – it’s a cool experience and one of my favorite places to ride.

      There’s also St. George nearby, which I haven’t ridden a ton, but I have done Barrel Roll/Sidewinder/Suicidal Tendencies which is a pretty fun loop.

      If you have more questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

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