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  1. Thanks for updating this page. Even better now. I relied heavily on it when I went to Sedona two years ago, and used your routes, so this will help even more the next time we go.

    Sedona is great and my wife who doesn’t mtn bike had plenty of things to do (yoga/spa/get her chakras aligned) while I rode.

    We stayed at Sedona Real and it’s a great spot to stay. They have a wash station. So many places to ride to from the hotel.

    We stayed mid-week, but we passed through on a Sunday going up to Page to see Antelope Canyon (SO worth the drive) and that weekend traffic is no joke. They even had people manning the cross walks.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m looking forward to my first Sedona visit this Spring. Do you have any favorite places to stay?

  3. Great resource. Well done.
    Done a few of these rides now or similar variants. Mescal loop was my fav so far, I will head back and do the Canyon Of Fools variant tomorrow.
    For other readers if you’re like me and have no car while here check out and

    1. Mescal is so beautiful – definitely one of my favorite trails. Thanks for the shuttle recommendation, I wasn’t aware of them. I’ll add a link when I update this post next!

  4. So we just road the suggested Bell Rock to Slim Shady route. I do NOT recommend this direction. If you want great decent start on Slim Shady from VOC. Then ride the suggested Bell Rock route in the blog backwards. There will be some climbing, but WAY less than if you do it from the BR trailhead.

    1. Thanks for your input! The loop can be ridden in both directions. I actually do enjoy riding it counterclockwise (as suggested in my post) because I like technical climbing (which Templeton and the first half of Slim Shady does have). The second half of Slim Shady is then a fun and flowy descent.

      If you do it in reverse, the climb up Slim Shady is easier for sure.

      I updated the post to let readers know that Clockwise is an option!

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