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  1. Your website is fantastic! I used it to plan my trip and routes to the Kingdom Trails and next up is Sedona in the spring. I used Komoot a lot. You can import GPX files from Strava, TrailForks, Garmin, or anywhere for singletrack, and Komoot will give you turn by turn instructions similar to how google maps works on your phone in the car. It’s strength may be routes in Europe, but in my view, the real time navigation is the best I have found. I use my old iPhone mounted with a quad lock case to the bars. works really well and battery life is long in airplane mode.

  2. Hey!!!!!!! I am in the Allegheny National Forest and I was looking for a good app to find a bike trail and look who popped up!!!!! Thanks Chuck & Becky! I hope you guys are having lots of fun and a great life together!

    Love, (Cultured Coffee) Mike

    1. Hi Mike! I’m not sure I’m the Becky you met, but you sound awesome! Hopefully you found the info you were looking for, thanks for reading!

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