12 Mountain Bikes Festivals To Put on your Calendar for 2022

Truthfully, I’m not really a festival person. I don’t love large crowds, I’m not huge on live music, and the party scene just isn’t my scene. BUT mountain bike festivals are a whole different breed of fun. I mean, multiple days of riding singletrack in rad locations, demos on-demand, free swag, post-ride beverages, and new friends? I can definitely say yes to all that.

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There are dozens of mountain bike festivals held throughout the US on any given month (ok, maybe not December), but below are the 12 top mountain bike festivals for 2022.

Which one (or ones) will you attend!?

Get into the full swing this summer with these 12 top mountain bike festivals in 2022 around the US

1. Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

  • When: March 4-6, 2022
  • Where: Sedona, Arizona
  • Ticket prices:
    • $200 for 3-Day Pass
    • $100 for Single-Day Pass
  • What you get: T-shirt, shuttles on shuttles, swag, group rides, demos
  • Need to know: This event is super popular – expect trails to be very crowded!
  • Learn more: Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is an iconic mountain bike event. It’s been going strong for over 20 years and takes place in one of the most beautiful locations on earth- Sedona, Arizona.

The red rocks provide the perfect backdrop for a weekend of shredding awesome singletrack. The festival offers free group rides, some led by pro athletes, a huge demo area, plenty of food and drink options, fun clinics and contests, and live music performances.

Need some help planning your festival weekend? Check out these guides to mountain biking in Sedona:

Beautiful views out over Sedona landscape with red rock bluffs and desert cacti
Enjoy views like this when you attend the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival!

2. Hurricane Mountain Bike festival

  • When: March 25-27, 2022
  • Where: Hurricane, UT
  • Ticket prices:
    • $110 for full Festival Pass
    • $75 for no demos or shuttles
    • Additional $75 for skills clinics
  • What you get: Three days of shuttles, 1 dinner, 2 breakfasts, raffel ticket
  • Need to know: Hurricane is one of the few top mountain bike networks in the US that allow e-bikes. There’s also a lot of great free, dispersed camping around Hurricane.
  • Learn more: Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

Every year, the small town of Hurricane, Utah plays host to the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival. The event draws riders from all over the US and even internationally, who come to test their skills on the hurricane’s world-renowned mountain biking trails.

The festival features a number of different events, including shuttled rides, skills clinics, and bike demos. In addition to the riding events, the festival also features music, food vendors, a block party, and a beer garden.

Need some help planning your festival weekend? Check out these guides to mountain biking in Hurricane:

Female mountain biker riding one big slab of slickrock in Hurricane, Utah
Explore the huge slabs of slickrock in Hurricane, Utah

3. The Sea Otter Classic

  • When: April 7-10, 2022
  • Where: Monterey, CA
  • Ticket prices:
    • $25 for 1-Day Festival Pass
    • $70 for 4-Day Festival Pass
    • Race fees include a 4-Day Pass
  • What you get: Entry into the expo area with hundreds of exhibitors, free bike demos, pro athlete signature signings, and lots more!
  • Need to know: No dogs allowed anywhere at the festival
  • Learn more: The Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic is one of the largest mountain bike races and festivals in the world, drawing riders from all over the globe to compete in a variety of events. Held annually in Monterey, California, the race attracts both professional and amateur riders for a variety of mountain bike, road bike, and gravel events.

In addition to the main racing events, there are also numerous side events and activities that take place throughout the weekend-long festival, making it an unforgettable experience for both racers and spectators. It’s a party for sure!

4. Fruita Fat Tire Festival

  • When: May 6-8, 2022
  • Where: Fruita, CO
  • Ticket prices:
    • The Festival Pass: $45-$65 depending on when you sign up
    • The Demo Pass: $25-$45 depending on when you sign up
  • What you get: A t-shirt, demos, group rides, swag
  • Need to know: There are two venues – one for bike demos and riding, the other for the expo, food, and music
  • Learn more: Fruita Fat Tire Festival

The Fruita Fat Tire Festival is going on its 25th year. Every year, people come from all over to take part in the festivities. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained from live music, product expos, group rides, bike demos, friendly competitions, and much more.

And of course, there’s plenty of food and drink to enjoy. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival is a great way to spend a few days.

5. Roam Bike Fest

  • When/Where:
    • Knoxville, TN: May 13-15, 2022
    • Fruita, CO: September 23-25, 2022
    • Sedona, AZ: November 4-6, 2022
  • Ticket prices:
    • $349 for Festival Pass + Demos
    • $249 for just the Festival Pass
    • Discounts available for BIPOC community
  • What you get: Group rides, shuttles, workshops, free drinks, dancy party
  • Need to know: Roam Fest is just for the ladies – no dudes allowed!
  • Learn more: Roam Fest

Roam Bike Fest is not your average mountain bike festival. First of all, it’s only open to womxn riders (this is inclusive of trans, femme, non-binary, etc…) and unlike many women’s mountain bike events, there are no skills clinics. It’s all about women shredders coming together to have a good time. And party! (Free beer is included).

I attended Roam Fest a few years ago and as someone who doesn’t really enjoy big parties or festivals, I did have a great time. Roam Fest is a fun weekend to connect with other riders, meet new friends, level up your riding, and let loose.

For 2022, Roam Fest will be held in three different locations: Knoxville, Fruita, and Sedona.

Group of women mountain bikers standing next to each other in a line posing for photo in Sedona, Arizona
Roam Fest is a great way to meet new friends and shred with other women

6. Flow State Festival

  • When/Where:
    • Gunnison, CO: May 27-30, 2022
    • Ascutney, VT: July 29-31, 2022
  • Ticket prices:
    • $75 for Adult 4-Day Pass
    • $30 for Youth 4 Day Pass (ages 12-17)
    • $100 Car Camping Pass
    • One-day tickets are also available for $25 (adult) and $10 (youth)
  • What you get: Guided rides, expo, live music, panels & shenanigans
  • Need to know: Food and drink available for purchase (bring cash)
  • Learn more: Flow State Festival

Flow State mountain bike festivals are put on by the magazine Mountain Flyer. Their first-ever festival was held in Brownsville, VT at the Ascutney trail system, and in 2022 they will be expanding to Gunnison, Colorado (including one of my all-time favorite trail systems – Hartman Rocks).

Flow State festivals feature product demos and expos, guided rides, clinics, camping, food trucks and beer, live music, and more.

Join the Flow2Fest road trip tour that links together the Flow State festival in Vermont to NEMBAfest in Maine (see below!).

7. Bentonville Bike Fest

  • When: June 17-19, 2022
  • Where: Bentonville, AR
  • Ticket prices: Events (including races and clinics) are priced individually
  • What you get: A week of kid-friendly mountain bike events! Race registration includes kick-off party pizza and ice cream
  • Need to know: Race and clinic registration must be done online
  • Learn more: Bentonville Bike Fest

Every year, the Bentonville Bike Fest draws in cyclists and mountain bikers from all over the country. The three-day event features both competitive and recreational rides, as well as a variety of other activities for spectators and participants alike.

While the main focus is on biking, the Bike Fest also includes a number of other attractions, making it a fun and unique event for the whole family. Bentonville is one of my favorite places to ride and I’m hoping to participate in the Bentonville Bike Fest this year!

Becky riding mountain bike of high wooden drop in Bentonville, Arkansas
If you haven’t been to Bentonville yet, definitely put it on your mountain bike-it list

8. Crested Butte Junior Bike Week

  • When: June 22-26, 2022
  • Where: Crested Butte, CO
  • Ticket prices: Events (including races and clinics) are priced individually
  • What you get: A week of kid-friendly mountain bike events! Race registration includes kick-off party pizza and ice cream
  • Need to know: Race and clinic registration must be done online
  • Learn more: Junior Bike Week

Crested Butte is Junior Bike Week central! Throughout this week-long event, junior bikers of all ages can enjoy mountain biking clinics, racing, group rides, and even a bit of trail work.

If you have kids who just can’t get enough of mountain biking, load up the car and head to Crested Butte for the biggest kid’s bike party on the planet!

9. Mountain Bike Oregon

  • When: June 23-26, 2022
  • Where: Oakridge, OR
  • Ticket prices: $530-570 depending on package
  • What you get: Shuttles, camping included, breakfast and bagged lunch, bike demos, all-inclusive beverage garden, swag
  • Need to know: There are a variety of different package options – choose the best ‘package’ based on your riding skills
  • Learn more: Mountain Bike Oregon Festival

Explore all the great riding Oakridge has to offer at the Mountain Bike Oregon Festival. Located just outside Portland, these 3 days will have your adrenaline pumping and stoke levels high. On the menu? Multiple shuttled runs per day, bike demos, camping, an all-inclusive beverage garden, food trucks, and so much more!

The festival is organized by ‘package’ so you can be sure to ride with like-minded and like-skilled shredders.

10. NEMBAfest

  • When: August 5-7, 2022
  • Where: Carrabassett Valley, Maine
  • Ticket prices:
    • Adults (16+) – $99
    • Youth (8-15) – $25
    • Kids (Under 8) – Free
    • Weekend Camping – $30/Adult
  • What you get: Group rides, skills clinics, live music, kid’s activities
  • Need to know: No dogs allowed
  • Learn more: NEMBAfest

NEMBAfest is an annual 3-day mountain bike festival put on by the New England Mountain Bike Association. It was previously held at the Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vermont, but has since moved to Carrabassett Valley in Maine to better accommodate the festival’s growing popularity.

NEMBAfest offers something for everyone from beginner to expert riders. There are group rides, skills clinics, kid’s activities, live music, plenty of food and drink options, and more.

If you have the time, make a road trip out of it by joining the Flow2Fest tour that links together the Flow State Festival in Vermont (see below) and NEMBAfest in Maine. The DIY Flow2Fest tour includes several group rides riding and fun social events.

Flow2Fest Mountain Bike Tour 2022
The 2022 Flow2Fest road trip tour from Vermont to Maine

11. Outerbike

  • When/Where:
    • Moab, UT: September 30-October 2, 2022
    • Bentonville, AR: October 21-23, 2022
  • Ticket prices:
    • $250 for Full Demo
    • $155 for BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike)
    • $75 for Social Pass (no shuttles or demos)
  • What you get: Group rides, shuttles, lunch, happy hour
  • Need to know: OuterBike events typically sell out fast
  • Learn more: OuterBike

OuterBike is perhaps the longest-running mountain bike festival that takes place in multiple locations throughout the year. Outerbike is all about getting people on the latest and greatest demo bikes from top brands in the industry so if you’re looking to find a new set of two wheels, OuterBike can help you decide.

In addition to demoing bikes, there are group rides, clinics, plenty of swag, and social events throughout the weekend.

For 2022, OuterBike will be held in Moab and Bentonville, but previous years have seen the festival in other top destinations like Crested Butte and Whistler.

Mountain biker riding along red slickrock trail in Moab, Utah
Get some slickrock riding in when you attend OuterBike in Moab

12. Downieville Classic Mountain Bike Race + Festival

  • When: No event for 2022
  • Where: Downieville, CA
  • Ticket prices: NA
  • What you get: Shuttles, breakfast, live music
  • Need to know: Plan your camping or accommodations ahead of time as options are limited and this is a huge event that draws a lot of people to the area
  • Learn more: Downieville Downhill Classic

The Downieville Downhill Classic has been postponed until 2023, but if you’re still interested in visiting the area here are some posts to check out:

The Downieville Classic is a world-renowned mountain bike race and festival that takes place every year in Downieville, California. The race consists of a cross-country event and a downhill event, both of which attract top cyclists from all over the world.

The festival atmosphere is electric with live music, food trucks, and plenty of vendors selling bike gear. The whole town comes out to support the event and there’s a real sense of community pride.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable mountain biking experience, the Downieville Classic is definitely worth checking out whether you’re racing or not.

Have you attended a mountain bike festival? Which one and what was your experience like? Which mountain bike festival(s) would you like to check out for 2022?

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