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  1. Great article and very informative, thank you. Me and my wife are planning a trip to Vermont in October and I have already put Kingdom on the list after reading your article I think I might X Ascutney. What would be your recommendations? I ride anything from black trails to green, I like pretty much anything other than gaps. My wife, on the other hand, is more of an advanced beginner if it were left up to her we would ride mostly flat no technical trail but she will ride stuff rocky, rooty stuff, and will do climbs, she does not like jumps, drops, skinnies and steep stuff. We are in Arkansas and she rides some of the blue trails here so she can handle some stuff.

  2. This post is truly appreciated, especially coming from a local’s perspective. It’s a great starting point to plan a road trip. Living in Toronto and having grown up in southwestern BC, my need to escape and ride challenging and comparable trails is strong. Now I just have to figure out when I can squeeze in a road trip. I’m thinking October might work depending on weather, but I also have to consider when bike parks (Burke Mountain and Killington) close for the season. I’m not a huge fan of bike parks, but they’re great for “rest” days.

    1. Thanks for reading! Early October is a great time to ride in Vermont – you’ll catch the foliage. Bike parks will most likely be shut down by then, although Highland bike park in New Hampshire typically stays open through October.

  3. These all look great. I’m in southern VT. Are there any places worth while closer to the south end? Thanks

    1. I grew up in Northern VT, so I’m more familiar with the trails up there. But I know there is some great riding in southern vermont. If you like bike park riding Killington is super fun and there’s a handful of other bike parks in southern VT. There’s also supposedly some great singletrack around Keene, NH. I mentioned Woodstock above, which is worth a visit. And Massachusetts to the south is full of great riding!

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