A Complete Guide To the Killington Bike Park in Vermont

View back down Killington mountain in Vermont in the summer from Gondola

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Vermont is home to some of the best mountain biking in New England (and arguably the US as a whole) and Killington Bike Park is one of those must-ride destinations.

Killington is a small town located in south-central Vermont that, until recent years, was almost exclusively established as a ski resort. In fact, when my dad was growing up in Rutland, there wasn’t even a town of Killington, it was just a ski hill with a couple of lifts.

Over the past few years, though, the Killington Resort has heavily invested in creating an amazing summer bike park that has grown and expanded and attracted riders near and far. The trails range from fast, bermed flow tracks built by Whistler’s Gravity Logic to insanely rocky and rooty double-blacks that test the skills of even the best riders.

With three lifts that access a wide variety of trails from beginner-friendly jump lines to pro-only rowdy descents, it’s definitely worth checking out next time you’re in the area.

Killington Bike Park At A Glance

  • Location: Killington, Vermont
  • Bike park season & hours: Typically open May through October, but season depends on weather and snow. 10am – 5pm (hours can vary, so check updates online)
  • Miles of trail: 30+ miles of singletrack
  • Elevation high: 4,241 ft,
  • Elevation low: 1,165 ft
  • Vertical drop: 1,972 ft
  • Lifts: 2 chairlifts, 1 gondola

Killington Bike Park Maps

Paper maps can be picked up at the ticket counter or you can also download the Killington App, which shows the map, trail status, and much more.

Killington Bike Park Map

Tickets & Passes

Bike Park Tickets

Choose from 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day bike park tickets. Purchase them in advance and save 25%! Adult and youth (18 and under) options are available.

Bike Park Passes

Killington Mountain Bike Park passes can be purchased for unlimited fun throughout the bike park season. Early bird pricing is available. Additional benefits of purchasing a pass include:

  • 2 free one-day buddy passes
  • 2 free day passes at both Thunder Mountain Bike Park (MA) and Windham Bike Park (NY)
  • 15% off bike park lessons
  • 15% discount on retail prices and food
  • 20% off select lodging

Killington Bike Park lifts

There are three lifts at Killington bike park and they each access different peaks and offer terrain for different levels of riders.

1. Snowshed Lift

Snowshed accesses Killington’s beginner and intermediate terrain. It’s fun to start out here and do a few laps to warm up. My favorite runs from Snowshed lift are Jump Start, Rabbit Hole, and Step It Up.

2. Ramshead Lift

Ramshead ups the ante a bit and accesses trails that are techier and higher stakes. Blue Magic is a super fun intro jump line that is built so well that you don’t even need to use your brakes. If that felt easy, head over to Black Magic for bigger tabletops. Sideshow Bob is one of my favorite trails on the mountain with Krusty following right behind. Goat Skull is old school with lots of rough patches and big drops.

3. Killington Peak (K1)

K1 is the gondola that runs all the way to the top of Killington Peak and accesses the hardest trails on the mountain like Foxy Roxy and Yo Vinny. You have other options than double blacks from the top, though. My favorites are Steel Panther, Cable Trail, and Snake Bite. The trails from the top of Killington Peak are a bit strange in that you have to ride down a stretch of rough access road to get to them. But [most] of them are worth it! (I say ‘most’ because Funny Bone is really not very fun).

Progression Scale

Killington’s trails are based on a progression scale. The Free Ride Trails have jumps and manmade features like wooden ramps and drops while the technical trails are more old-school with natural features and lots of rocks and roots.

Two trails are designated jump lines: Blue Magic and Black Magic. Blue Magic is super fun and will get you comfortable in the air in no time while Black Magic is just terrifying (for me). I’m working on it…

Becky riding mountain bike over rock roller at Killington Bike Park in Vermont

8 Best Trails At Killington Bike Park

Here are the 8 best trails – in my opinion – at Killington:

1. Roller

Downhill Flow | Beginner | Snowshed Lift

If you’re new to mountain biking or new to bike parks, Roller is a great place to start with its big bermed turns and mellow grade down the mountain.

2. Jump Start

Intro Jump Line | Beginner/Intermediate | Snowshed Lift

Jump Start is a beginner-friendly jump line with small kickers to help you get comfortable in the air.

3. Blue Magic

Intermediate Jump Line | Beginner/Intermediate | Ramshead Lift

Take things up a notch from Jump Start and head over to Blue Magic – one of my favorite trails! There are beginner-friendly tabletops and kickers to help you hone your air skills. See if you can ride it with no brakes.

4. Sideshow Bob

Downhill Flow | Intermediate | Ramshead Lift

This is one of my favorite trails on the mountain. It’s fast, flowy, and long and definitely worth a few laps. Some of the switchbacks come up quick, so watch your speed!

5. Krusty

Old-school technical | Intermediate | Ramshead Lift

Krusty is a little bit old-school with lots of rocks, roots, and narrow singletrack, but it’s a great trail if you like that kind of riding.

6. Cable Trail

Old-school technical | Advanced | K1 Gondola

Cable Trail is a short stretch of singletrack that packs a punch. Expect lots of rocks and features including a pretty big drop that is smooth if you know it’s coming (always scope before sending!). There are smaller drops to practice your air skills and some fun, flowy berms.

7. Snake Bite

Old-school technical | Advanced | K1 Gondola

Rocky and rooty, Snake Bite is a fun trail with some drops and manmade wooden features.

8. Goat Skull

Old-school technical | Expert Only | Ramshead

Mandatory drops and features, Goat Skull is one of the most challenging runs on the mountain. Bring your full face for this one.

Bike Park Gear

Gear up for the bike park with my top bike park gear picks:

Killington Bike Shops & Rentals

There is a full-service bike shop right at the base of the Killington bike park where you can find a fleet of high-end rentals and a team of bike mechanics. They rent Devinci, Norco, Rocky Mountain, and Trek as well as full face helmets, body armor, and shoes.

In the town of Killington, there is Alpine Bike Works and True Wheels, both of which rent/demo mountain bikes and fix any (or most…) problems you may have with your own two wheels.

Killington Bike Camps, Lessons, & Programs

Killington has a number of different options when it comes to camps, lessons, and bike programs throughout the summer.

  • Divas of Dirt get together every other Friday for an evening of kickass female riding and post-ride happy hour. The rides are free and open to any level of rider. You can also get discounted lift tickets and rentals if you participate.
  • The Bike Bum Race Series happens every Wednesday throughout the season and the races take place on beginner/intermediate trails so every rider can participate. Each race is $15 and includes access to a post-race party. Check out the Events Calendar for more information on the Bike Bum Race Series.
  • Mountain Bike Camps, Lessons, and Tours are offered throughout the summer for kids and adults

Best Time To Visit Killington Bike Park

The Killington Bike Park typically opens in late May with the Snowshed lift running for a few weeks before Ramshead and the K1 Gondola follow 3-4 weeks later. Late June to mid-September is probably the best time to go if you want to hit all three lifts and have decent weather.

I love riding in the fall because it’s so beautiful with all the leaves changing color. The bike park typically closes mid-to late October depending on weather and snowfall.

Vermont fall foliage
Visit in the fall when you can enjoy the beautiful Vermont fall colors

Trip Planning Resources

Where to eat

At the Mountain

  • Peak Lodge Restaurant – situated at the top of Killington Peak, the Peak Lodge is a cafeteria-style restaurant that serves burgers, sandwiches, pasta, beer, wine, and snacks. It’s a great place for a mid-day fuel-up or last run beverage.
  • Snowshed Umbrella Bar – The Umbrella Bar serves decent drinks and light fare at the base of Snowshed lift.
  • Preston’s – located in the Killington Grand Hotel, Preston’s is a great farm-to-table restaurant that uses fresh Vermont ingredients. Their creative cocktails are perfect after a big day on the mountain and their burgers are top notch.

In town

  • Liquid Art Coffeehouse – this is a super cute and eclectic coffee shop that serves great food (B, L, D) and delicious coffee.
  • Sunup Bakery – a great little place to grab a breakfast pastry and sandwich to-go.
  • Back Country Cafe – excellent breakfast place with big portions.

Killington Camping

Killington actually has free camping on a first-come-first-serve basis in the Vale Parking Lot and Ramshead Parking Lot (for RVs). There are portable toilets and water available. Read the camping policies here.

If you don’t want to camp in the parking lot, Gifford State Park is a really beautiful state park about 10 minutes from Killington mountain. There are 21 tent/RV sites and 19 lean-to sites as well as 4 rustic cabins.

The park is very popular with Appalachian Trail through-hikers, so it’s a really good idea to book a site/cabin beforehand.

Killington Hotels

If you’re looking for a soft bed and hot shower, Killington Grand Resort Hotel is kind of swanky, but very conveniently located just steps away from the bike park lifts. The hotel has several dining options including Preston’s (see above) as well as storage for bikes

Have you ridden at Killington Bike Park? Which were your favorite trails? Let us know in the comments below!

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A complete guide to the Killington bike park including the Killington bike park map, the best trails to ride, when to visit, and more.


  1. Update on 2022 season pass. Looks like they dropped the comp passes to Thunder and Windham. Not sure if that means they are no longer working with Gravity Logic or if that GL partner program just no longer exhists for any of the mountains.

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