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  1. Hi,
    I’ve spent a week in Scottsdale and rent an MTB to visit area. Introduction To Brown’s was my first day track (with the suggested addition 1 & 2 to make it longer) and really enjoyed the track. Super area of flowy trails which permit to take a first breath of desert. Many thanks for you webpage which have permit me to love MTB in Phoenix

    1. So glad my guide was helpful and you had a great ride at Brown’s! It’s one of my favorite trail networks for all the fast flow and beautiful desert views.

  2. Browns Ranch as been open for 10 years now. Although it is still a fun place to ride all the single track mountain bike trails are now 4 to 8 feet wide due to excessive use by bikers and horses.

    For a look at how the trails looked on opening day in September, 2013 check out this youtube video.

    “Brown’s Ranch Mountain Biking – Scottsdale – Opening day”

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