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  1. Thanks for taking time to write this, it’s much appreciated! I have been otb so much I think it’s my thing! I have ridden the National from the ranger trail west and out and it was a great downhill experience- if we park a tandem car at the far west end- and start at Pima on the Far East end is it a good ride?

    1. If you start at Pima in the east and end in the west, you’ll be climbing the most popular descent (which it sounds like you’ve already done). I haven’t ridden the full National Trail, but I do know that it’s pretty rugged and not at all like the 3-mile easternmost section. If you go for it let me know how it rides!

  2. What kind of bike would you recommend for the National Trail? I’m going to ride it a couple of days with demos from Pivot. Will a full suspension trail bike work or do you need a more enduro bike? I don’t want to make the climb too hard on myself if it’s not necessary. I’m not planning on bombing it. I’m an intermediate rider who hasn’t mastered big jumps, drops, and features yet.

    1. It’s definitely not for everyone! Those technical sections are tricky the first time around. It also does get quite busy on the weekends, so best ridden during the week. All that being said, National is one of my favorite trails! If you’re looking for more riding in Phoenix, Brown’s Ranch is super fun and more cross-country.

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