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  1. I’ve been a biker and hope to return. I’m 50 mile + weekly hiker. With 95 % wells all get along great. I watch and yield to those happy downhill runs. But your beginning of a downhill run is the end of my grinder uphill and off it dwindled to a single trek… I’m not diving into the poison Ivy. Get over it. At the top whoever Is there…. Don’t drop in on a single hiker that made it there with your 6 group with 40k in bikes and stupid Lycra and have a reunion. Move on…. Just a little….
    My hugest peeve is don’t jump on the no bike trail just to get a cool shortcut…. It’s pretty in its way Because it’s no bikes…. Don’t use it…. You Have many
    Bent creek and chestnut cove. If you know you know. To my 95 % I love sharing and I’ll be back on my bike soon… smarter

  2. I go out of my way to either stop or slow way down to say hi and be very respectful to kids! Especially when mom or dad has multiple kids on the mountain bike trail. These kids look up to us. We can teach them to be nice to each other. Today I stopped and asked a little boy if he wanted to race, it made his day!!

  3. All great points. I just yield to everyone. I’m out to enjoy myself and cruise, I don’t care about pulling over for a minute or two.

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