9 Top Women’s Mountain Bike Clothing Brands

I was listening to a podcast the other day about how, not that long ago – like the 80s! – women basketball players were expected to wear hand-me-down jerseys from the men’s team. (Here’s the podcast if you’re interested). Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then. In my sport of choice – mountain biking…

Group of 5 women mountain bikers standing together for photo with helmets and mountain bike gear on in mountains of Peru

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I was listening to a podcast the other day about how, not that long ago – like the 80s! – women basketball players were expected to wear hand-me-down jerseys from the men’s team. (Here’s the podcast if you’re interested).

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then. In my sport of choice – mountain biking – there are actually a lot of great options for women’s mountain bike clothing brands that make apparel that actually fit women’s bodies.

Whether you’re looking for a feminine cut and like bright, fun colors or you prefer looser fits and subdued tones, there are options for you.

No longer do we have to tolerate the “shrink it and pink it” attitude, but instead women shredders can wear clothing that is actually designed to fit their bodies and be functional, flattering, and durable to boot. What a novel idea.

Below are my favorite brands that make awesome women’s mountain bike apparel.

Women’s-Specific Mountain Bike Brands

1. Ride Force

  • GREAT FOR: Riders who want a loose fit in a more traditional mountain bike jersey style


  • Lightweight and high-quality fabric sourced from Italy
  • Jerseys are cut and sewn in Colorado
  • Female-owned and designed


  • Limited options since it’s a newer company

Where to Shop

Ride Force is a new women’s mountain bike clothing brand based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Taylor-Ann, the founder and a graphic designer, wanted women’s-specific clothing that matched the loose, simply designed jerseys that she saw the guys wearing.

She didn’t want the bright colors and loud patterns that many women’s brands offer, so she created her own line.

I really love the lightweight and airy feel these Ride Force jerseys have and the simple yet bold designs. They’re super breathable, loose-fitting, and awesome! I can’t wait to see what else Taylor-Ann comes up with.

Female mountain biker in full mountain bike gear including full face helmet, goggles, and bike jersey. Snow-capped mountains in background
Photo credit: Ride Force


  • GREAT FOR: Women who like a little color and sass in their wardrobe
  • SIZE RANGE: XS-XXL & 00-14
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, pants, liners


  • Many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from
  • Plus and petite sizing
  • Female-owned and designed
  • Majority of fabrics are sourced from recycled materials


  • Often run out of colors and sizes
  • Few options if you don’t want loud prints or bold colors

Where to Shop

SHREDLY was one of the first women’s mountain bike clothing brands to emerge on the scene and they did so with a punch. SHREDLY is known for its bold prints, loud colors, and quirky designs.

Not everyone will love these styles, but if you do, you have a ton of different options to choose from including long and short shorts, elastic waistband options (comfy!), mountain bike pants, and different sleeve-length jerseys.

I’ve owned a few SHREDLY mountain bike shorts over the years and I can attest to their quality and durability on the trail.

Female mountain biker pedaling bike on singletrack trail in Colorado
SHREDLY is known for their fun patterns and bold colors like these turquoise leopard print shorts

3. Wild Rye

  • GREAT FOR: Women who want fun patterns and colors on their shorts
  • SIZE RANGE: 0-18
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, pants, liners


  • A variety of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Plus and petite sizing
  • Female-owned and designed
  • Bluesign-certified and sustainable materials


  • Few options if you don’t want loud prints or bold colors
  • Fewer styles than SHREDLY
  • Limited jersey options

Where to Shop

Wild Rye is another women’s mountain bike clothing brand that offers bold colors and prints on their shorts.

They have a smaller line of shorts and jerseys than SHREDLY, but they’re very similar brands in other respects.

Wild Rye also uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials and they support grassroots programs dedicated to getting more women into the outdoors.

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, Wild Rye also makes great women’s baselayers for the slopes.

Female mountain biker riding bike on red slickrock slab in Sedona, Arizona
Wild Rye has a line of shorts and jerseys with fun patterns & colors

4. Revel Rider

  • GREAT FOR: Lady shredders looking for more traditional-style mountain bike clothes with a women’s cut
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Shorts, pants, jerseys, outerwear


  • Female-owned and designed
  • Shorts have a longer inseam than most


  • Long inseam on shorts may not work for everyone
  • Limited color choices

Where to Shop

Revel Rider is a female-owned and designed brand out of Bend, Oregon that makes women’s mountain bike clothing for the lady shredders that just want to shred.

Their style is more traditional with loose-fitting jerseys and shorts (that cover the knees!) and a color palette that does not include pink.

Revel Rider has three different collections to shop from: Downhill Inspired, Trail Inspired, and MTB Lifestyle.

5. Kaden Apparel

  • GREAT FOR: Women looking for high-quality casual-style mountain bike apparel with a slim, flattering fit
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, liners


  • Female-owned and designed
  • Made in the USA
  • Good range of colors and style
  • Super soft material


  • Pricier than other brands

Where to Shop

Kaden hails from my home state, Vermont! The brand was started in 2013 by Chelsea Camarata who was frustrated with the lack of selection in the women’s mountain bike clothing category. So, she set out to design and make her own line.

Kaden puts a strong emphasis on the details of their clothing from thoughtful design to US-made apparel and high-quality fabrics. They even have a maternity chamois, which is the first I’ve seen!

The Gryla jersey has quickly become one of my favorite everyday ride jerseys because it’s super comfortable, soft, breathable, and flattering.

Becky taking a selfie on mountain bike ride dressed in bike gear
I love my Kaden Gryla jersey!

6. Machines for Freedom

  • GREAT FOR: Fashionista mountain bikers
  • SIZE RANGE: 24-40 (Euro sizing)
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, liners, bibs


  • Prioritize fit for all body types
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Limited color choices
  • Limited styles
  • Not practical for more advanced and technical riding

Where to Shop

Machines For Freedom has a small line of women’s mountain bike clothes, but they’re more known for their cycling and gravel riding apparel.

The brand was started by Jennifer Kriske in 2014 after she realized that women’s cycling clothing didn’t have the same offerings or thought-out design that men’s cycling apparel did.

One thing that really sets Machines For Freedom apart is their “shape-inclusive sizing” model that includes sizes from XS to XXXL.

They also have more of a ‘fashionable’ style, which may or may not appeal to every rider.

Non-Women-Specific Brands (That Are Still Great!)

Women’s mountain bike clothing isn’t just limited to women-specific brands. I love and support the brands I mentioned above, but below are a few more companies that make great women’s mountain bike apparel.

7. POC

  • GREAT FOR: Mountain bikers and cyclists looking for high-quality and well-engineered gear that lasts
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, pants, helmets, glasses/goggles, backpacks, outerwear, body protection


  • Full line of mountain biking and cycling gear and apparel
  • Highly engineered and well designed
  • Durable and well made


  • Definitely on the expensive side

Where to Shop

My all-time favorite mountain bike shorts are the POC Essential MTB Women’s Shorts. I’ve tried on dozens of different baggy mountain bike shorts and these are the only ones that I really, truly love.

I have three pairs of them!

Now, they’re probably not for everyone because they do have a very long inseam so shorter women might find them too long, but if you’re tall (I’m 5’8) and have a curvy, athletic lower half, they may be a great fit.

What about POC’s other women’s gear? It’s also awesome. Their women’s clothing is cut to fit women’s bodies and their jerseys are a good mix of colors for all preferences.

POC’s gear is known to be super high quality, durable, and built to last. It’s one of my favorite brands! For snow sports lovers, POC also offers a wide range of ski and snowboard gear.

Becky balancing on mountain bike on singletrack trail in high desert of California with mountains in background
The POC Essential MTB Women’s shorts are my all-time favorite

8. Troy Lee Designs

  • GREAT FOR: Racers and all-around mountain bike lovers
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, pants, helmets


  • Customize race jerseys with your name and number
  • Flattering cuts and designs
  • Durable and well made
  • Several style options, but not too many to be overwhelming


  • The logo bugs me! I don’t know why…
  • Brand has a bit of a ‘racer’ attitude that may not resonate with everyone

Where to Shop

I recently tested out some Troy Lee Designs clothes, and I was really impressed. The jersey’s fit really nicely and are just loose enough to allow for movement, but still have a flattering look.

They’ll definitely make it into my regular rotation.

But the piece of gear I loved the most was the Luxe Pants!

I’m typically not a pants-girl when it comes to mountain biking, but these pants I didn’t want to take off. They are super comfortable, loose in all the right places, and ready for any trail.

I’ll be opting for Troy Lee Designs clothes more often from now on.

9. Fox Racing

  • GREAT FOR: Women who want a mainstream mountain bike brand and fit
  • AVAILABLE ITEMS: Jerseys, shorts, pants, helmets, body protection


  • Well-recognized brand
  • Fun kit designs


  • I’ve found that Fox clothing fits better on slimmer body types

Where to Shop

For a mainstream mountain bike clothing brand, I actually think Fox does a good job with their women’s apparel line.

They have definitely upped their game over the last few years to include more variety and styles for female riders.

I do find that their fit is on the slim side, so if you prefer a baggier look (like me), you might want to pass.


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What are your favorite women’s mountain bike clothing brands? Do you have a go-to pair of shorts or jerseys? Let us know in the comments!

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