13 Places To Buy Discounted Cycling Gear

Like most sports and hobbies, biking can get expensive. When you’re constantly in need of new chamois, gloves, socks, and just one more tool for your home bike tool kit, it can all add up fast. Thankfully, there are a handful of places to buy discount cycling gear and cheap used bike gear online.

There’s a good chance that affiliate links are scattered throughout this post. If you click on one I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you and I’ll definitely be using it to buy bike gear.

From Patagonia’s Worn Wear collection to Darn Tough’s Socks lifetime guarantee, these places will save you money and maybe even do some good for the planet.

Check out these 13 places to buy discounted cycling gear. Find great deals and continue to save up for that dream bike!

Where to buy NEW Discount Cycling gear

1. Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks aren’t actually discounted (unless you buy them on sale), but the company has an amazing guarantee: a lifetime warranty on every pair of Darn Tough Socks. That means if you get a hole or tear in your sock, you can simply send it back and get a FREE pair shipped right back to you. How amazing is that!

You don’t even need a receipt. Their lightweight hiking socks are breathable and moisture-wicking and a great choice for any biking adventure.

2. Steep & Cheap

Steep & Cheap is the outlet store for online retail giant Backcountry.com and they typically have tons of great discount cycling gear to choose from including apparel, accessories, shoes, helmets, hydration packs, and more.

I love to browse Steep & Cheap in the off-season since many retailers are trying to get rid of old inventory and you can find some really great scores.

You can also sign up for price alerts for specific products to get notified if prices drop (which they often do).

3. The Clymb

The Clymb is another discounted online outdoor gear store that has daily and weekly deals, sometimes up to 70% off retail prices. You have to act fast, though, because once the sale is up, it’s up.

For discount bike gear you can find everything from full bikes to shoes, helmets, body protection, and more. If you’re looking for something specific, it’s a good idea to check every day to see what new deals have been listed.

You can also book amazing mountain biking and road cycling vacations through The Clymb’s Adventure Portal.

4. Competitive Cyclist’s Sales Page

Competitive Cyclist is an online gear store for everything cycling. It’s a sister company to Backcountry.com, but it’s only focused on bike-related products.

They have a dedicated sales section where you can find a ton of great deals including full discounted bikes, cycling apparel, bike components, and more. Competitive Cyclist is one of my go-to places for bike gear!

5. Jenson USA’s Sales Page

Jenson is based out of Southern California and they are one of the biggest online retailers for bike enthusiasts. They’re geared mainly toward mountain bikers, but you can find road bikes and other cycling gear as well. Check out Jenson’s sales page for a good selection of discounted bike gear.

Jenson also has super fast shipping and free shipping for orders over $50.

6. REI Outlet

Most of us know that REI is a great place to shop for outdoor gear, but did you know that REI also has an Outlet section on their website where you can score up to 70% off? The REI Garage – as it is known by Members – is home to awesome Deals of the Day as well as a variety of discounted gear, including a number of cycling scores.

Where to buy uSED Bike gear

7. Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is one of my favorite outdoor gear brands because they have been so outspoken against climate change and have done a lot to make their products more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. One of their initiatives is the Patagonia Worn Wear program where you can purchase used, but still fully functional, gear and apparel. Specific cycling gear may be a little hard to find, but you might be able to nab some base layers or a windproof jacket.

If you have a piece of Patagonia gear that needs to be repaired, they will help you with that as well. Just send your gear in or visit your local Patagonia store and they’ll help you get it back to good.

8. REI Used Gear

Have you checked out the Good & Used Gear section on REI.com? You can find some great deals! Shop top brands to find discounted cycling gear like jerseys, cycling shoes, and even wheelsets.

If you have your own used bike gear that needs a new home, you can trade it in for an REI gift certificate. You need to be an REI Member to trade in gear.

9. The Pro’s Closet

The Pro’s Closet is a small shop in Louisville, Colorado that basically flips used bikes by servicing and refurbishing them before listing them on their site. They take in all types of bikes from mountain bikes to road bikes, gravel bikes, and e-bikes. You can find some amazing deals on The Pro’s Closet or even trade in your bike for some cash.

If you’re not looking for a full bike, The Pro’s Closets also sells used wheelsets and frames. Their certified pre-owned program guarantees a professional inspection, service, and tune-up on all used bikes and if you’re not satisfied, they have a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

10. PinkBike

PinkBike Buy/Sell is the Craigslist for bikes. You can find a huge range of mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, and more from all over the world. It’s mostly owners listing their own bikes, but you might also find bike shops posting extra stock. I’ve bought a few bikes and components off of PinkBike and have had good experiences.

There’s no guarantee when shopping on PinkBike, though, and they take no responsibility for transactions so do your research, ask a lot of questions, and protect yourself against fraud when sending money.

11. GearTrade

GearTrade is an online outdoor gear consignment store that sells pre-owned stuff including used cycling and biking gear. They don’t have a huge inventory, but it’s worth a check if you are looking for something specific like biking shoes or even a bike rack.

If you want to sell your bike gear, you can do that as well by creating an account and uploading some photos and a description.

12. Bicycle Blue book

I haven’t personally used Bicycle Blue Book, but it looks like a great resource for buying and selling used bikes. Just from a quick browse through the listings, it looks like there are a lot of great deals and Bicycle Blue Book (like Kelly Blue Book) lets you know whether you’re getting a fair price based on model, year, and condition.

You can also use the comprehensive filter to really dial in the best bike options for you.

Like PinkBike, though, Bicycle Blue Book doesn’t take any responsibility for transactions, so take precautions when sending money or meeting in person.

13. Facebook Marketplace & Groups

Lastly, Facebook Marketplace is a good place to look for used or discount cycling gear. Facebook has made it pretty easy and safe to buy and sell through their platform and there are definitely a lot of listings to sort through. I’ve sold a pair of cycling shoes on FB Marketplace and it was super convenient.

There are also tons of biking and cycling groups on Facebook and many of them allow buy/sell listings. Check to see if there’s a mountain bike or cycling group in your area. The Buy, Sell, Trade (Bike Parts) group is also quite active.

Where do you shop for discount cycling gear or used bike gear? Let us know in the comments!

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