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  1. Amazing guide to buy a good mountain bike. Wanted to know if you have some good mountain bike brands recommendation and how to choose the wheel size for your height.

    1. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any bike brands these days. I have a huge post on different bike brands and their pros and cons. That should give you a good start.

      As far as wheel size, it’s pretty much personal preference. 27.5″ in front and rear is fading out and now it’s the choice between 29″ front and rear or a mixed wheel bike with a 27.5″ in the back and a 29″ in the front. If you’re just starting out, I’d probably say go with a 29″, but again, it really comes down to personal preference.

  2. Full-suspension mountain bikes alleviate all of the negative impacts of bumps and other discomforts caused by uneven terrain and tough tracks. As a result, your body will be free of fatigue and soreness, allowing you to enjoy the trip more comfortable. It will also encourage you to bike faster and for longer periods of time, allowing you to get the most out of your bicycling experience.

  3. Excellent blog!!! Lots of info and some great advice, specially for beginners looking for answers! “Keep rocking unplug and explore”

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