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  1. Love this list! I especially like how you break down the specific models, navigating some of the big player’s websites can be daunting and its good to have a place to start once you click that link. I’d also like to put in a vote for KHS to make the list. My coffee cruiser is an old Montana Pro that I’ve had since the 90’s and have a soft spot for their old blue and yellow livery.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! When I first wrote the post I had no idea how many brands I’d had to add to it 🙂 I have a list going (KHS is on it), and I’ve slowly been updating it

  2. I love your blog – I’m about to buy a Scott Contessa Spark (2022)! It looks like a great bike – I researched the heck out of it … they were more available in my local area in Sacramento, CA … I had wanted to try an Orbea Oiz, but the 2023 model was what I wanted to try and can’t find anywhere. But I’m psyched about my decision – the Scott is really a beautifully balanced bike. Can’t wait to get riding – my first 29’er and my first carbon bike (well, I’m getting the hybrid – front carbon and back is aluminum). Love all the choices Scott provides.

  3. Man. No love for GT. Have you seen the documentary, “Full Travel: GT’s Suspension Development Story”? It’s on Youtube now. I’d post a link for you, but it would get my post flagged, probably. But check it out. Maybe it will change your perspective of this storied bike company. Lots of legendary WC wins. I just bought a 2015 Force X Carbon Expert frame on Ebay. I’m building it up over the next month. It’s the one Kyle Strait favored. Definitely stands out in a crowd.

    1. I will! When I first wrote this post I had no idea how many mountain bike brands there actually are. I might need to do a separate post just for European/International brands

  4. Great list and detail, thank you! This is very helpful. I didn’t see Polygon on there, any chance of that being added?

  5. Great list, several of these made my short list (YT, Yeti, Ibis, Canyon, Cannondale, Niner, Evil). My end pick was not on your list but I think it deserves to be. A small boutique brand that makes their carbon frames in their factory in Denver, CO. I picked the Alchemy Arktos 27.5 with Eagle GX components. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Thank you again for the research.

  6. I have a few brands I didn’t see here as well. I didn’t see Radon or Whyte, which both have pretty good bikes. Thanks!

  7. What about Ghost Bikes? They make some quality bikes. Also, Commencal Bicycles makes nice bikes as well. And, although this is less of a brand to think about since they only have two models, Forbidden Bike Co.

    1. Also Banshee Bikes. I will try to also remember other brands of quality mountain bikes and come back to this link to comment about them! Thanks!

    2. I did realize I forgot Commencal and Banshee after I hit publish… I’ll go back and add them. I’ve seen a few Ghost bikes, but don’t know much about them. I’ll do some research on Forbidden Bikes as well. Thanks!

      1. Great read learning a little about all the different brands. I have been riding a Knolly made out of BC. They make some amazing high quality aluminum bikes. Definitely not well known where I live in Texas, nobody has a clue what I’m riding lol. Definitely worth checking them out!

      2. Hi, I noticed one of my favorite brands, Propain, isn’t listed here. They make high quality bikes. Anyway, thanks for this amazing list otherwise!

  8. From Wikipedia “On July 3, 2015, Santa Cruz Bicycles was sold to Pon Holdings, a family-owned Dutch conglomerate with a bicycle division including brands such as Cervélo, Focus and Royal Dutch Gazelle.”

    A 5010 owner.

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