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  1. Hey! This is a good breakdown for sure. I’m on the fence on new bike choice. One is more “down country” at 115 rear travel and one is more trail at 135. I definitely do some chunk, but I’m not a big air guy. Am I going to be crazy underbiked at 115? Bike similar to the Revel Ranger. I rode mostly in the Charlotte area right now, but I’m in the Asheville area regularly. Have ridden Bent Creek on a hardtail with like 100mm of travel, no issues.

    1. Hi Korey – I guess my recommendation is to think about where you’ll be riding the most. If it’s Charlotte, the 115 bike would probably suffice. If you do want to ride more in the Asheville area and elsewhere, I think you’d have more fun on the 135. Also, it’s worth nothing that the 135 is more versatile. You can do both XC and Trail on that bike while the 115 bike keeps you pretty limited. Hope that helps!

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