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  1. Again, really enjoying your blog. One thing I’ve tried for snacking mid ride is a dog training treat bag. They are designed to open with one hand and can be hooked into your waist band pretty easily . They also cinch closed so you don’t drop anything. Great for trailmix and nuts (obviously buy one for just this…haha.)

  2. Hi Becky, Glad that Aiko is recovering though it sounds like the beginning of a long goodbye. You are feeling better when you ride-a great gift to you and hopefully more to come! Thank you for two very well written blogs this week and for the wisdom and experience that are evident in each section.
    Moving to The Woodlands north of Houston has been cycling heaven for us; 200 parks and 120 miles of pathways, most of them shaded by tall trees and overgrowth. I can imagine how much you miss the green you grew up with.
    Best wishes, Bill DeForest

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