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  1. Hi –
    Thanks for the tips! I just got back from doing the White Rim on my SC Chameleon – but it was w/ truck support for our gear etc. I am looking to go back and do it bikepacking style this time and appreciate all the info above.
    A few questions – when you upgraded the handlebars for one with more hand position options – what did you choose and how are your liking them?
    Do your have pics of your Chameleon fully loaded with the Moosetrek set-up (frame bag, handlebar roll, seatpost bag, and top tube bag ) plus the Thule Pack n’ Pedal Rack?

  2. Very cool. I have a ’98 Chameleon that has been through a few alterations, from single speed, to downhill racer, to trail bike, to towing a trailer with gear and surfboard up and down the California coast for a couple months. It’s now just beginning to enter a full-blown bikepacking/touring phase. I’m putting Surly 27.5 ECR forks up front (27.5 to compensate for any suspension fork sag) combined with Surly Moloko handlebars. Since both forks and bars are chromoly I’m hoping they’ll dampen any harshness. I’ll probably put a fatter tire up front too. The bummer about older Chameleons is that the rear triangle really limits your tire sizes. I’ve squeezed a 2.25 in there, but a 2.1 is the safe limit…

    Anyways, I’m rambling. It’s good to see another "lizard lover." Enjoy your rides and may the wind always be at your back!!

  3. I have a 2014 Chameleon with the Thule Pack & Pedal rack, which has worked great. You can remove the rack and just leave the strap structure on the chainstays if you want as well. Also used that rack on my Yeti SB95 as a super bikepacking-racing-fun bike through Cambodia in 2013.

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