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  1. I will be riding from Phoenix to Moab and was thinking of adding the BCT into my route. But that would mean riding it south to north. Obviously this gives more elevation meters, but does anything else speak against it?

    1. It’s definitely rideable south to north, but you’ll be adding a lot of extra miles and elevation gain to your route. There may be a few hike-a-bike sections, but nothing terrible. It’s a beautiful stretch of trail!

  2. I camped at Bumblebee Ranch once after a shuttle day on the BCT and it was very enjoyable – worth mentioning that it has hot showers (free and included if you camp) which was VERY nice.

      1. Was scouring the web for information about water sources along the BCT…glad I found your very informative trip report. Planning to do do a southbound backpacking trip over Thanksgiving 🙂

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