18 Fun & Unique Gifts Made From Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Help reduce waste and support small businesses by choosing upcycled bicycle gifts that repurpose old bike chains, inner tubes, tires, and more

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Looking for the perfect upcycled bicycle gift? You’ve come to the right place! If there’s one thing that really bothers me, it’s waste. I hate wasting food, wasting packaging, wasting time, money, etc… It seems like nowadays, no matter how hard you try, waste is just a normal part of everyday life. It’s honestly kind of depressing… So when shopping for gifts, I try to choose eco-friendly and recycled items as often as possible including recycled bike parts.

That goes for old bike parts, too. What do you do with your blown-out inner tubes or your stretched chain? Thankfully, there are a lot of creative people out there putting these used bike parts to good use. I found some really awesome gifts using recycled bike parts that are unique and useful, and most importantly, reduce old bike parts waste from going to the landfill.

Feature image of Industrial Bicycle Chandelier from DesignedDistressed Etsy Shop

Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube Earrings

1. Inner Tube Earrings


There are a lot of upcycled bicycle earrings out there, but these ones caught my eye because they don’t actually look like they’re made from recycled materials. But they are! They’re cut from old bike tubes and they come with hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks.

Be sure to check out the other beautiful upcycled inner tube earrings in the Rose Pedals Jewelry Etsy shop.

Upcycled bike inner tube earrings cut like feathers and painted with bright colors

2. Inner Tube Leaf Earrings


If you like a bit of color, these earrings are made from upcycled inner tubes and painted with bright, tropical colors for a bit of jungle flair.

Earrings made out of upcycled bike cables

3. Bike Cable Earrings


This is another cute and creative upcycled bicycle gift idea. These earrings are made from bicycle brake cable offcuts and capped with colored crimped cable ends. Choose from a variety of bright colors. So cute!

Upcycled bicycle chain link cuffs

4. Chain Link Cuff Links


I’m not sure who really wears cuff links anymore, but… if you know someone who sports them and is also an avid biker, these chain link cuff links (that’s a mouthful!) would be a fun upcycled bicycle gift.

Coin Purse made out of upcycled bicycle tubes

5. Bike Tube Coin Purse


If you know someone who struggles with loose change, this upcycled coin purse made from spent inner tubes could be a great gift. Of course, it doesn’t need to be used for coins – you could stash anything in it like headphones, small bike parts (master link, valve cores, tire plugs, etc…), or any other small items that need corraling.

Upcycled Leather Wallet

6. Upcycled Leather Wallet


These Cyclists Wallets aren’t fully made out of upcycled bicycle materials (the leather is made from recycled luxury car upholstery), but they do feature a cute little chain link. Keep your cards and cash organized without a big, bulky wallet.

Wallet made out of upcycled inner bike tubes

7. Inner Tube Wallet


Does someone you know need a new wallet? Gift them this upcycled bicycle tube wallet made from recycled inner tubes. It’s hand-stitched and is designed with a zippered coin compartment as well as four sleeves for cards and a paper money sleeve. If you don’t need a coin pocket, the Card Caddy is also available.

Tool Roll made out of upcycled inner bike tubes

8. Inner Tube Tool Roll


Need a bike tool roll to keep all your tools organized? This Bike Toob Roll is made from used bike tubes and stitched together to provide little pockets for all your bike tools. It’s also lined with waterproof nylon to keep things dry if you’re pedaling in the rain. It attaches underneath the saddle via a strap, making it perfect for city commutes. You could also throw it in your pack for longer rides.

Belts made out of upcycled bike tubes

9. Inner Tube Belt


Made from a full bike tube, these upcycled belts are stylish and well-crafted. Each one is handmade and unique. Choose from a variety of different lengths and thread colors.

Key rings made out of upcycled bike tubes

10. Inner Tube Keyrings


Made from the same people that make the belts above, these recycled inner tube key rings are crafted from old bike inner tubes and attached to a keyring to make a colorful and functional gift for any avid cyclist.

See more from the VeloCulture Shop

Key rings made out of bike chains and washers in the shape of stars

11. Bike Chain Keyrings


These simple bike chain keyrings are made from a few upcycled chain links and a washer. Choose from gold, silver, or bronze finish. The washer moves freely inside the chain links, so if you know someone who is prone to fidgeting, this could be a perfect gift 🙂

Recycled Chain Bottle Opener

12. Recycled Chain Bottle Opener


This clever bottle opener is made from upcycled bike chains and it’s the perfect give for those who enjoy cracking open a cold beverage post-ride. Plus, it looks really cool!

Picture frames with inlaid bike chain

13. Picture Frame With Bike Chain Inlay


Aren’t these picture frames so creative!? Sometimes upcycled gifts can look tacky and homemade, but I think these bike chain picture frames are beautiful. You can choose from three different stains or there are several different picture frame styles in the Links By Annette Etsy shop. I gave this to my brother for Christmas one year and he loved it!

Steampunk bike gear clock

14. Steampunk Bike Gear Clock


Need a new clock for your office or workshop? This industrial-looking Steampunk Bike Gear Clock is really cool-looking and made from a set of upcycled bike gears.

Coasters made out of bike chain links and resin

15. Bike Chain Coasters


So clever! These repurposed bike chain coasters would make great gifts for the biker in your life. The chain links are suspended in a hard, translucent resin and they come in a set of two or four. Each coaster is handmade and unique.

If you want a cork coaster, these ones are really cool as well.

Woven mat made out of old bike tubes

16. Bike Inner Tube Mat


Yep – a mat made out of crocheted inner tubes. How cool is that?! You can use it as a welcome mat on your front stoop or as a kitchen mat beneath the sink or anywhere else you want to throw it. Such a cool idea and unique upcycled bicycle gift.

Pendant light made out of upcycled bike chains

17. Bike Chain Pendant Light


Looking for a statement light fixture for your porch, kitchen, or elsewhere? This bike chain pendant light will surely do the trick! Made from upcycled bicycle rotors, cassette, and motorcycle chains, this light fixture has an industrial, yet refined, look.

Pendant light made out of upcycled bicycle gear cassette

18. Bike Cassette Pendant


If you’re looking for a light fixture that is a little less industrial but still uses used bike parts check out this cassette pendant. It’s made with a used bike cassette and the bulb is included.

Check out more bicycle light fixtures from the Designed Distressed Etsy shop

I hope this post gives you some ideas for upcycled bicycle gifts this holiday season. These gifts support small businesses while also reducing waste, both big wins!

What are your favorite upcycled bicycle gifts on this list? Do you have a favorite way to reuse bike parts? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below.

Help reduce waste and support small businesses by choosing upcycled bicycle gifts that use recycled bike parts like old chains, tubes, & more
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