14 Bike Storage Ideas For Your Garage or Apartment

Room in house filled with six bikes

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Whether you’re looking for a perfect storage solution for your own fleet of bikes in your garage (N+1!) or you have a family that loves exploring on two wheels, investing some thought and money into a good bike storage strategy is key.

Thankfully, there are a lot of options when it comes to keeping your bikes safe, secure, and easily accessible. From hanging bike racks that swing side to side to low-profile standing racks to ceiling bike racks for when space is tight, in this post I share the best bike storage options for garages and small apartments.

At A Glance

Storage RackTypeBike CapacityPrice
SteadyracksHanging Rack1$99 each
CLUG Bike ClipHanging Rack1$30 each
Uplift by Put Up RackHanging Rack1$455 each
Park Tool Storage HookHanging Rack1$6-10 each
Scorpion Bike StandStanding Rack1$70 each
Ninja MTB HopperStanding Rack1$57 – $63
Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor StandStanding Rack1$53
Park City Bike Storage RackStanding Rack6$145
DIY Bike RackStanding Rack4$10+
Saris CycleGlideCeiling Rack4$245
El Greco Ceiling HoistCeiling Rack1$40
Swagman Hang It 2Horizontal Rack2$109
Velo D2 WallHorizontal Rack1$50
Michelangelo Rugged 2-Bike StandHorizontal Rack2$154

Hanging Garage Bike Racks

Hanging bike racks allow you to store your bikes vertically on a wall. These types of racks are really popular because they don’t take up a lot of space and depending on which rack you choose, they can be really affordable (and even DIY!).

Hanging rack considerations:

  • Some hanging bike racks swing side to side like pages of a book, which can be extra helpful for tight spaces
  • Most racks will accommodate a range of tire/wheel sizes, but make sure you check before you buy
  • Lifting the front tire up onto the rack takes upper body strength. This may be challenging for kids
  • You will need to drill into the wall, so make sure there are studs or a way to secure the rack(s) safely
Steadyrack for indoor bike storage

1. Steadyracks

  • Swing side-to-side
  • Options for road, mtb, and fat tires
  • Don’t need to lift bike off ground
  • Used by the pros
  • Excellent installation info on website
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line bike garage storage and you’re willing to invest a little money, then the Steadyrack racks are a great option. These hanging racks don’t require any lifting (if you measure correctly) and they swing side-to-side, which helps frees up space.

You can choose Steadyracks that fit classic/road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and even bikes that have fenders.

The only downside to Steadyrack is that they are expensive. One rack costs $100, which is pretty steep, but you do get a discount if you order two or more.

Two bikes hanging at a diagonal on Steadyrack bike rack in garage
Photo credit: Steadyrack
Clug Bike Rack for indoor bike storage

2. CLUG Bike Clip

  • Affordable & unobtrusive
  • Options for wide range of bike tire sizes
  • Easy install
  • Boa strap for security
  • Mud pad for rear tire is extra
  • Best to drill into a stud

Dubbed the “world’s smallest bike rack”, the CLUG Bike Clip Pro is a unique and unobtrusive bike storage option for garages and apartments. It’s available in 5 sizes to fit a wide range of tire sizes from road bikes to fat bikes. It also comes with an adjustable cord to keep your bike secure in case it gets bumped or knocked.

The CLUG Pro is super easy to install with just two screws and you’re done. Plus, only one clip is required per bike.

Front wheel of road bike clipped into CLUG Pro bike clip on wall
Photo credit: Hornit, maker of the CLUG Pro

3. Uplift by Put Up Rack

  • Aesthetically designed
  • Made in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Easy install
  • Modular
  • A big investment

I first learned about the Uplift hanging bike rack during my stay at the Bike Inn Bentonville. Each room has one of these racks and they are so sturdy and well-designed and they look good!

If you’re planning on storing your bike inside your home or apartment and don’t want the industrial look a lot of other bike stands have, this could be a good option.

Each Uplift rack holds one bike as well as two gear hooks and a shelf. The modular design allows you to move the elements around as you see fit.

Mountain bike hanging on wooden vertical indoor bike rack inside apartment
My bike hanging on the Uplift Rack at the Bike Inn Bentonville
Park Tool Storage hook

4. Park Tool Storage Hook

  • No frills
  • Easy install
  • Inexpensive
  • Need to drill into something solid

If you want a no-frills, inexpensive bike storage solution, look no further than the Park Tool Storage Hook. This hook can be drilled directly into a beam either vertically or horizontally and you have an instant bike rack.

I have used these hooks as hangings racks before and I will say that they can be a bit of a pain to take bikes on and off of, especially if the bikes are close together. So be forewarned.

If you want to construct something a little fancier, check out this $20 DIY bike garage rack.

Standing Bike Racks

Standing bike racks are essentially free-standing bike racks like the ones you find at parks or in front of buildings. Depending on the style, they can hold one bike or many.

Standing bike racks are great if you need to move them around in your garage or you want them to double as a bike stand (although I definitely recommend getting a real bike work stand if you plan on doing your own bike maintenance).

Standing bike rack considerations:

  • Take up more space than hanging racks
  • Easiest and most convenient access to bikes
  • Typically can be moved around or brought inside or on trips
  • Can double as a make-shift work stand
  • May not fit all wheel sizes (particularly kids bikes)
Feedback Sports Scorpion Bike Stand

5. Feedback Sports Scorpion Bike Stand

  • Can be moved around the garage
  • Breaks down into two parts
  • Doubles as a work stand
  • May not work with all crank designs
  • Takes up garage floor space

The Feedback Sports Scorpion stands bikes upright via the cranks on the bottom bracket. The design is taken from the moto-world and works well for mountain bikes and bikes that have a 13, 18 or 20mm hollow crank spindles. It does not work for all bikes, so be sure to check your cranks before buying.

When the bike is on the stand, the rear wheel is lifted off the ground, allowing you to work on the drivetrain or shifting if you don’t have a bike stand nearby, which is really handy.

And when not needed, the Scorpion breaks down into two parts for easy storage.

Ride Like a Ninja MTB Hopper Smile Bike Stand with mountain bike

6. Ninja MTB Hopper Smile Bike Stand

$57 – $63
  • Can be moved around the garage
  • Can accommodate road – fat tires
  • Can hold bike vertically or horizontally
  • Some tires may be in between sizes
  • Wood isn’t as durable as metal

Ride Like A Ninja started out offering mountain bike instruction around the US, but it looks like they’ve expanded to include bike products like the Smile Bike Stand.

This stand is cleverly designed to be able to accommodate a range of bike tire sizes from skinny road tires to extra wide fat bike tires just by adjusting a small piece of wood. That being said, if your tires are between sizes, your bike may be a bit wobbly in the stand.

Another cool feature about the Ninja MTB Hopper Smile is that it can be used as a vertical rack by placing the rear tire in the stand and leaning the front tire against a wall.

Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor Stand

7. Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor Stand

  • Can be moved around the garage
  • Can accommodate all tire and wheel sizes
  • Portable

The Delta Cycle Adjustable Floor Stand is a solid choice for bike garage storage if you want a stand that can be moved around and will fit a variety of wheel and tire sizes.

This stand is designed with a slider on the bottom poles so you can virtually fit any size tire. It’s also portable and can quickly be broken down if you want to take it on a road trip.

8. Swagman Park City Bike Storage Rack

  • Holds up to 6 bikes
  • Fits most tire widths and wheel sizes
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Closeness of bikes can cause damage

The Swagman Pack City Bike Rack is basically a rack that you’d see at a park or in front of a building. It’s a good option for a garage if you have the space and you want quick, easy access to your bikes.

The downside to this type of rack is that it’s not adjustable or designed for any one specific bike. It’ll fit most bike tires and wheel sizes, however, it might not fit them well. Also, if you plan on using it for 6 bikes you run the risk of them getting damaged/dinged due to the bikes being so close together.

DIY Bike Rack for garage

9. DIY Bike Rack

  • Affordable
  • Fun project!
  • Need to be at least a little bit handy
  • Requires some tools
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not adjustable to tire widths

Are you handy with tools or want a fun project to do with your kids? This DIY Bike Rack Plan includes instructions to build a 4-bike bike rack that would fit perfectly in a roomy garage or outside in the driveway.

The plans are outlined in a 22-page downloadable PDF and require basic tools (a pocket-hole jig, saw, power drill, and measurement tape) and materials that can be found at any home improvement or lumber store.

Ceiling Bike Racks

If your garage is really tight on space, you may want to consider a ceiling bike rack. These are definitely less convenient than vertical or floor racks, but they’ll keep your bikes out of the way and safe.

Ceiling racks may also be a good option in combination with other types of garage racks if you have a lot of bikes and don’t ride some of them frequently.

Standing bike rack considerations:

  • Can be a hassle to hoist bikes up on the rack if you ride a lot
  • Depending on the rack, installation can take a few hours
  • Short people or kids may have difficulty accessing the bikes
  • Good option for small/tight garages or apartments
  • Most can’t hold e-bikes
  • Out of sight out of mind
Saris CycleGlide ceiling bike storage rack for the garage

10. Saris CycleGlide

  • Can hold 4 bikes up to 50lbs each
  • Hooks on sliding rails
  • 2 bike add-on available
  • Installation takes some time
  • No quick, easy access to bikes

The Saris CycleGlide Storage Rack is a great option if you want to reclaim some floor space in your garage. It definitely has its pros and cons, though, so really think about whether a ceiling rack is the right choice for you.

Once installed on the ceiling, the CycleGlide can accommodate four bikes on sliding hooks. If you need more bike storage, there is a two-bike add-on available.

El Greco Ceiling Hoist bike storage for garage

11. El Greco Ceiling Hoist

  • Can hold 1 bike up to 50lbs
  • Good for tight garages or apartments
  • Easy pulley system
  • Requires some practice
  • Rope quality is questionable

The Delta Cycle El Greco Ceiling Hoist Bike Storage is a clever design that uses a rope and pulley system to hoist your bike up off the ground. It’s a good option for people who live in an apartment or have a small garage.

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using the El Greco, but after a few tries (maybe not with your carbon road bike), it should be quick, easy, and efficient.

Horizontal Bike Racks

Horizontal bike racks are one of the most space-saving garage bike storage options. They typically hold bikes by the top tube so the bike is positioned horizontally on the wall (as compared to vertical racks where the bike hangs perpendicular to the wall).

These types of bike racks are great for apartments or small garage spaces.

Horizontal bike rack considerations:

  • Hold bikes by the frame, which isn’t ideal, especially for carbon bikes
  • Can only store one or two bikes per rack
  • May require lifting
  • Not suitable for heavier bikes
wagman Hang It 2 bike rack for apartments

12. Swagman Hang It 2

  • Can hold 1 bike up to 35lbs
  • Good for tight garages or apartments
  • Braces against ceiling and floor (no drilling)
  • 35 lb weight limit
  • Not compatible with long handlebars

The Swagman Hang It 2 Bike Rack is a popular option for apartment dwellers because it doesn’t require any drilling into the walls. Instead, it works by bracing against the ceiling and floor.

This rack can hold two bikes, however, the weight limit is 35lbs, so it’s best for road bikes, gravel bikes, or lightweight cross-country mountain bikes (check handlebar length).

Feedback Sports Velo Wall bike mount for bike storage

13. Feedback Sports Velo D2 Wall

  • Can hold 1 bike up to 50lbs
  • Strong construction
  • Adjustable arms
  • Holds bike by bike frame
  • May not work for super wide handlebars

If drilling into a wall isn’t a problem, then the Feedback Sports Velo D2 Wall Bike Storage Rack could be a good option. It can hold bikes up to 50lbs, which is great if you have an enduro bike or even an e-bike.

The arms are also adjustable to accommodate different size frames and handlebar widths and they’re padded with rubber to protect against scratching or damage.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Rugged 2-Bike Gravity Rack

14. Michelangelo Rugged 2-Bike Gravity Rack

  • Can hold 2 bikes up to 50lbs each
  • Adjustable arms
  • Holds bike by bike frame
  • Won’t work for wide handlebars
  • Not secured to wall

If you have a road bike or gravel bike with drop bars, check out the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Rugged 2-Bike Gravity Rack. This stand can hold two bikes up to 50lbs each and has adjustable arms to fit different bike sizes.

However, the arms are not adjustable lengthwise, so they’re mostly likely too short for flat bar bikes including mountain bikes.

Another thing to consider is that this stand leans against a wall – it’s not meant to be secured to the wall. This is great for apartments, but it also means that it could topple over.

A Final Note

Whichever bike rack you choose for your garage or apartment, make sure you really think about which system will work best for you. Whether it’s a hanging rack, floor stand, or ceiling rack – they all have their pros and cons.

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Declutter your garage or apartment with these bike storage ideas including ceiling bike racks, bike stands, vertical hanging racks, and more
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