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Phil’s Trail & Beyond: Mountain Biking Phil’s, Wanoga, & Swampy Sno Park in Oregon

Heading to Bend, Oregon for some singletrack riding? Learn about the best mountain biking including Phil’s Trail, Wanoga, Swampy, & Dutchman Flats.

Singletrack trail through sparse forest in high desert near Bend Oregon

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Bend, Oregon has no shortage of great mountain bike trails, but perhaps the most well-known stretch of singletrack is Phil’s Trail. While most argue it’s not the best trail in the area (which I would agree), it does have a cool history.

Phil’s – the trail and the network – is named after Phil Meglasson, a surveyor and mapmaker who worked in the Bend area in the late ’70s and early ’80s. He rode his mountain bike as a way to make his job faster and more efficient.

Slowly, Phil’s work riding morphed into fun riding on logging roads, which evolved into seeking out deer paths and tracks – Bend’s OG singletrack.

Today, Phil’s and the connecting singletrack networks of Wanoga, Swampy Sno Park, and Dutchman Flats are home to some of the best mountain biking in Oregon and the west coast.

I’ve spent several months exploring these trails and they have a special place in my mountain bike-loving heart: they’re beautiful, fun, flowy, and diverse with a great community in Bend to boot.

Want to check them out? In this post, I share everything you need to know about mountain biking at Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy/Dutchman Flats in Bend, Oregon.

Let’s go!

What to Expect

Typically, I write about mountain bike networks individually, but since Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy Sno Park are so close to each other and all the trails interconnect, I’m grouping them together in one blog post.

Here’s how they compare individually:


Phil’s is the mountain bike network closest to Bend, which also includes – of course – the iconic Phil’s Trail.

The singletrack in Phil’s is very much cross-country with miles and miles of pedally terrain and only a few trails and sections that feature lava rock tech.

Here are some things to expect at Phil’s:

  • Long, but not overly difficult, climbs
  • Beautiful ponderosa pine and manzanita forest
  • Relatively big mile days depending on your route
  • Minimal tech unless you really seek it out

What about Phil’s Trail?

Phil’s Trail is just one trail within the Phil’s network. It’s rated a green (easy) on TrailForks, but I’d actually make it a blue because there is some chunk and chunder.

Phil’s Trail is long – almost 8 miles – but the best section of the trail winds through a narrow canyon with rock walls on either side. It’s beautiful! This stretch parallels Voodoo Trail.

Important: Phil’s is a downhill trail. Please do not pedal up it.

Mountain bike trail with natural log feature going up and over a rock on trail in Phil's network in Bend, Oregon
Phil’s is mostly mellow cross-country pedaling, but there are some more technical features if you seek them out like this log ramp on Grand Slam


Wanoga is the trail system above Phil’s. You can pedal up there from the Phil’s Trailhead, but that will easily be a 15-20+ mile day.

Most people ride Wanoga as a shuttle. You can book shuttles with Cog Wild or set up your own shuttle with two cars. Park one at Phil’s Trailhead at the bottom and the other at the Wanoga Sno Park Trailhead where you can access the Wanoga trails.

Wanoga is known for:

  • Long descents
  • Two of the most popular trails in Bend: Funner and Tiddlywinks (see route recommendations below)
  • CLIMBING. Even if you shuttle to Wanoga Sno Park, you’ll still need to pedal
  • More tech/harder features than the lower trails
Woman riding mountain bike down steep rock roller near Bend, Oregon
Wanoga has more features and technical riding compared to Phil’s and the other trail networks around Bend

Swampy Sno Park/Dutchman Flat

Swampy Sno Park and Dutchman Flat are the trail systems above Wanoga and below Mt. Bachelor Bike Park.

These trails are definitely more backcountry and have a remote feel. Some trails, like North Fork, even feel like you’re in the Pacific Northwest with lush forests and raging rivers.

Like Wanoga, most people shuttle up to Swampy (lower) or Dutchman Flat (higher) and ride back “down” (there is still plenty of pedaling), but you can do loops up here without a shuttle. Just be prepared for a big and lots of leg work!

Head to the Swampy/Dutchman Flat trails for:

  • Remote, backcountry riding
  • 20+ mile ride back to Bend
  • Some of the best descents in the area
  • Different ecosystems and forests
Wooden boardwalk trail next to river near Bend, Oregon
Swampy and Dutchman Flat are a whole different ecosystem compared to the high desert of Phil’s

Important Things to Know

Mountain biking at Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy/Dutchman is awesome, but there are a few things to know before hitting the trails:

  • e-bikes are NOT allowed: Please respect this. Bend is not a pro- electric bike place.
  • Plan your routes: It is very easy to accidentally do a 20+ mile day here. If you want to avoid type 2 fun, be sure to plan your route before you head out.
  • Remember where you parked your car: It’s also very easy to end up at a trailhead miles away from where you parked your car. Keep an eye on your maps so you don’t have to do bonus miles (and climbing) at the end.
  • Snacks and water: Bend is in the high desert and it’s quite dry. Be prepared with lots of water and snacks to keep you fueled.

Best Trails & Route recommendations

There are so many great trails and route options in the Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy areas.

I’ve listed my favorite trails below as well as 3 route recommendations to help you get started.

Note that these routes are JUST pedal-accessed routes. If you want shuttled route recommendations, head over to my Bend Mountain Bike Shuttles blog post.

Phil’s, Wanoga, & Swampy/Dutchman Flat Trail Map

My 11 Favorite Trails

You honestly can’t really go wrong with the trails in Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy/Dutchman, but these are the ones I found particularly fun:

  • Ticket To Ride Loop (Phil’s): A nice beginner-friendly loop
  • Phil’s Trail (Phil’s): An iconic trail through a canyon. It’s one-way downhill.
  • Metolious-Windigo (Swampy/Dutchman Flat): Beautiful backcountry trail with a ripping descent. This was one of my favorites.
  • Upper and Lower Whoops (Phil’s): Fast flow trail with some jumps and tabletops. A local’s favorite.
  • Funner (Wanoga): One of the most popular trails in Bend. Funner DH has some techy bits.
  • Tiddlywinks (Wanoga): One long flow trail with big berms. Super fun!
  • Tyler’s Traverse (Wanoga): Another great flow trail that’s a little less busy.
  • Middle Fork (Swampy/Dutchman): I didn’t get to ride this one because it was closed, but it gets great reviews.
  • North Fork climbing trail (Swampy/Dutchman): Probably the only climbing trail I’ll ever add to a “favorite”. It’s beautiful!
  • Grand Slam (Phil’s): Fun techy-ish trail with some optional features.

Route recommendation

1. Phil’s Smorgasbord

This is one of my favorite rides in the Phil’s network. There’s a little bit of everything, hence the name Smorgasbord.

The pedal up Ben’s is long and a bit of a grind, but it’s never too steep and you’ll probably feel the final push up Pine Drops. But then it’s (mostly) all downhill fun! Lower Whoops is a blast with lots of berms, small kickers, and tabletops (the bigger features have go-arounds).

Then you get into some tech on Voodoo and Grand Slam. There is a bit more climbing on KGB but then it’s fast and flowy down Marvins Garden.

All-in-all this is a great ride and definitely one to do if you only have a day at Phil’s.

  • Route difficulty: Intermediate
  • Mileage: 18 miles
  • Trail network: Phil’s
  • Route type: Loop
  • E-bikes? No
  • Elevation gain/loss: 1,492 ft
  • Map/GPS: TrailForks

Route directions: Phil’s Trailhead Parking > Ben’s > Pine Drops > Lower Whoops > EXT > Phil’s Trail > Voodoo > Grand Slam > KGB > Marvin’s Garden

Route notes: Trails on this route may be closed due to logging from 12 am Monday to 3 pm Friday. Check TrailForks for current status.

Make it shorter & easier: Another classic loop in Phil’s is to climb up Ben’s and then cross over to Phil’s Trail and descend straight back to the parking area. This loop is about 9.5 miles with 630 feet of climbing.

I do recommend doing Phil’s Trail at least once.

Route recommendation

2. Storm King to Tyler’s Traverse

Tyler’s Traverse is a local’s favorite because of its fast flow and fun features like berms and kickers. The climb up Storm King is long and steep in some places, but not too bad considering the fun descent back down.

This route only features half of Tyler’s Traverse. If you want to do the full trail, see ‘make it longer’ below.

  • Route difficulty: Intermediate
  • Mileage: 12.9 miles
  • Trail network: Wanoga
  • Route type: Loop
  • E-bikes? No
  • Elevation gain/loss: 1,144 ft
  • Map/GPS: TrailForks

Route directions: Storm King Parking (dirt road) or Cascade Lakes Trailhead Parking > Catch and Release > Storm King > Steve Larsen’s > Tyler’s Traverse > Catch and Release

Make it longer option 1: To do the full Tyler’s Traverse descent, instead of cutting over on Steve Larsen’s, continue climbing up via Tiddlywinks Climbing Trail and Lower Tiddlywinks.

At the top, take Kiwi Butte over to the start of Tyler’s Traverse. This will add about 4 miles and 800 feet of climbing. The upper part of Tyler’s Traverse is super fun, though!

Make it longer option 2: Nearby Royal Flush is also a great flow/jump trail. Add it onto this route by turning right onto Afternoon Delight at the end of Tyler’s Traverse then take the Royal Flush Uphill (dirt road) to Royal Flush.

Return to the route by backtracking on Afternoon Delight.

Make it harder: If you do the full Tyler’s Traverse descent, take the detour onto Lone Wolf, which is a jump line. There are some mandatory gap jumps, but all the big features have go-arounds.

Singletrack mountain bike trail through green meadow with pine trees near Bend Oregon

Route recommendation

3. Tour of Tumalo Falls

This is a beautiful ride with a backcountry feel. North Fork follows the rushing Tumalo Creek and while it’s a long climb and steep in places, the views are amazing and the surrounding forest is peaceful and magical.

It’s best to do this ride on a weekday because North Fork trail (which is one-way for bikers) is popular with hikers.

  • Route difficulty: Intermediate
  • Mileage: 9.3 miles
  • Trail network: Swampy
  • Route type: Loop
  • E-bikes? No
  • Elevation gain/loss: 1,436 ft
  • Map/GPS: TrailForks

Route directions: Tumalo Falls Trailhead > North Fork (Tumalo Falls) > Metolius-Windigo > Mrazek > Farewell

Route notes: This is a pretty big ride and once you start up North Fork you can’t turn back around since it’s a one-way trail so you’re pretty much committed to doing the loop (unless you walk your bike back down). It’s also best to do it on a weekday to avoid hiker traffic.

Make it longer: You can add on a few miles by parking at the lower Skyliner Sno-Park and pedaling up Tumalo Creek. This will add about 6 miles and 350 feet of climbing. It’s a beautiful strech of trail.

Mountain bike propped up against railing with waterfall behind at Tumalo Falls in Oregon
Pedal past the scenic Tumalo Falls on the Tour of Tumalo Falls loop!

Best time to Ride Phils, Wanoga, & Swampy/Dutchman Flats

Bend does get snow in the winter, so these trails are typically only rideable in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Also note that the higher up you go (Dutchman Flats = the highest), the later in the season the snow will melt.

When I visited in July, the snow was just beginning to melt up at Dutchman Flat (granted that was a high snowfall year) and it wasn’t fully rideable until August.

Phil’s, which is at the lowest elevation, will typically start to melt out in May.

Photo out over handlebars of mountain bike onto snowy and muddy singletrack trail
Not quite melted out in late April…

Final Thoughts

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the trails around Phil’s, Wanoga, Swampy, and Dutchman Flats, and while I don’t think I would want them as my ‘home’ trails (I like a bit more tech!) they are super fun, beautiful, and definitely worth a few days, or even weeks.

All of these trails can be accessed by pedal-power, but I do recommend spending at least a day or two on the shuttle bus so you can cover more ground. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll still be pedaling plenty even with the lifts!

Have you explored the mountain biking around Phil’s, Wanoga, and Swampy/Dutchman Flats? What are your favorite trails or route link-ups? What do you think of Phil’s Trail? Is it worth the ‘hype’? Leave a comment below!

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