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A Cross-Country Lover’s Dream At Maston Trail System

Head to the high desert to mountain bike the cross-country trail network at Maston Trail System in Oregon. Learn everything you need to know in this blog post.

Photo out over front of mountain bike onto singletrack trail in Maston Trail System in Bend Oregon

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Bend, Oregon is a cross-country mountain biker’s dream with hundreds of miles of minimally technical terrain and the possibility of doing HUGE days.

One of those cross-country networks is the Maston Trail System.

Located about 20 minutes north of Bend, Maston features almost 20 miles of purely buff, fast-rolling singletrack with great views out over the Cascade Mountains and surrounding high desert landscape.

While I am definitely no cross-country devotee, I did enjoy pedaling the smooth and scenic trails at Maston for a day.

It’s the kind of place I would go for an easy or rest day. It’s also a great destination for kids or newer riders or a prime spot to lay down some fast miles if you’re having ‘a day’.

Below is everything you need to know about mountain biking the Maston Trail System in Bend, Oregon.

Let’s ride!

What to Expect at Maston Trail System

The Maston Trail System is a cross-country singletrack network located about 20 minutes north of Bend, Oregon.

There is virtually no tech here and very little elevation change. All of the trails (aside from the lone Rockbar Trail) are fast, smooth, and buffed with maybe an erratic rock or two to wake you from your reverie.

The trails are built as a loop system. You can do a short 3-mile loop or hit all the trails for an 18+ mile day.

Please note that e-bikes are not allowed and Maston is a multi-use trail network, so please share the trails with hikers, runners, etc…

Mountain bike singletrack trail through pine trees at Maston Trail System in Oregon
The trails at Maston Trail System are smooth, fast, and buff with very little elevation gain

Important Things to Know

Mountain biking at Maston Trail System is awesome, but there are a few things to know before hitting the trails:

  • e-bikes are NOT allowed: Please respect this.
  • Trails are multi-use: You’ll see hikers, trail runners, and occasionally horses on the trails. Please be kind and courteous and say hi when you pass!
  • There is no water: If you plan on doing a big day, make sure you bring plenty of water, especially in the summer.

Best Trails & Route recommendations

The trails at Maston are all pretty similar, so it’s hard to define the ‘best trails’. You really can’t go wrong.

I will say that Rockbar Trail is the most ‘technical’ and has a great viewpoint down onto the Deschutes River. There’s one kind of tricky rock garden and some minor exposure, but overall it’s not overly challenging and a good addition to any loop you do at Maston.

Maston Trail System Map

Route recommendation

>> Maston Big Loop

This loop basically follows the outermost trails in the Maston Trail System, so just keep going right.

There are several ways to modify it – see below.

  • Route difficulty: Beginner
  • Mileage: 11 miles
  • Route type: Loop
  • E-bikes? No
  • Elevation gain/loss: 412 ft
  • Map/GPS: TrailForks

Route directions: Maston Trailhead Parking > Maston Tie > Headgate Trail > (Optional: Rockbar Trail) > Fat Rabbit Loop > Oregon Sunshine Trail > Lost Dream Trail > Mason Tie

Route notes: I rode the loop counterclockwise, but it’s probably just as good clockwise.

Do more: To add on to your ride, cut into the inner loop via Lost Dream Trail on the west side once you’re almost finished with the outer loop.

Then finish your ride back to the parking area on Lost Dream Trail. Here is the ride log for my ride that included the inner loop.

Make it harder: The only tech found at Maston is on Rimbar Trail, which also gives you nice views down onto the Deschutes River. The tech is mostly rock piles and embedded rocks and not overly difficult.

View down onto river through canyon at Maston Trail System in Oregon
Rimbar Trail has a few technical sections, but even if you need to walk them the views down onto the Deschutes River are worth it

Best time to Ride Maston Trail System

The Maston Trails are open year-round and can actually be ridden through the winter depending on how much snow the area gets.

In fact, Maston is one of the few trail networks in the Bend area that is great for early spring, winter, or late fall riding.

Riding Maston in the summer can be very hot. I would recommend getting a very early start and bringing plenty of water.

Singletrack mountain bike trail through scrub brush landscape at Maston Trail System in Oregon with snow-capped mountains in far distance
Because of its lower elevation and exposed terrain, the Maston Trail System is typically snow-free during the winter and shoulder seasons (depending on the year, of course)

Final Thoughts

The Maston Trail System near Bend, Oregon is a fun, fast, easy way to spend a few hours on your bike.

The trails are very cross-county with virtually no tech, but the views are great (especially if you detour onto Rimbar Trail) and it’s a good place to lay down some miles or spend time with your kids or friend who is new to mountain biking.

Maston is also one of the few trail networks that doesn’t get much snow, so if you’re itching to get on your mountain bike over the winter, this is the place!

Have you mountain biked at the Maston Trail System outside of Bend, Oregon? What did you think of the fast-rolling cross-country trails? Leave a comment below!

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