2013: A Year in Review

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I have to say, 2013 hasn’t been the most exciting of years, which is quite the contrast to my previous yearly roundups. School has got me tied down and there’s little time (and money) for big adventures. That being said, 2013 did bring some fun travels, just not as many as I would have liked 😉 

Where I Was

Spring  | seattle

Summer  |  seattle, olympic peninsula, vermont, alaska

Fall  | seattle, san juan islands, california

Winter  | seattle, vermont

1. Seattle

A good chunk of early spring and summer was spent holed up in Seattle taking courses, doing homework, and collaborating on group projects. So many group projects. It was my second semester of my post-bacc program at Bastyr University and I’m working hard to get accepted into their Masters in Nutrition program next year. 

2. Wanderlust in Vermont

As a yoga fanatic, I’m obsessed with the Wanderlust Festivals, but I’m not so obsessed with the prices. It’s pretty expensive and as a starving grad student, I don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on novelties. So this year, I decided to work as a volunteer with my mom at the Stratton, Vermont Wanderlust Festival in exchange for free workshops and classes. It was a blast! Our job? Driving a golf cart around and making sure the water stations were stocked. Score.

3. Alaska

After spending a few weeks in Vermont, I headed back to Alaska for four weeks of work on the National Geographic Sea Bird. It had been about a year since I was last onboard, and it felt good to be back. The highlight of my contract? Having a professional origami artist entertain us with his craft. How cool is that?!

4. Olympic Peninsula

For a brief reprieve from city life and from the hustle I had been frantically dispensing over the past few months, Noah and I headed across the Puget Sound to the Olympic National Park where we immersed ourselves in the temperate rainforest and practiced handstands on the beach.

5. San Juan Islands

After another brutal few months of school, Noah and I headed back across the Puget Sound, this time to the San Juan Islands. We spent a night camping out on a beach on San Juan Island then hopped on a ferry to explore Orcas Island. It’s no mystery why this part of the world is so coveted. It’s absolutely gorgeous and soul-filling. 

6. California

For another mini-vacation, Noah and I hopped on a plane and flew to California to witness two of our good friends exchange their vows in the beautiful valley of Carmel. After the wedding, we hit up route 1 from some sightseeing along the rugged coast and, of course, a few samples of delicious California wine.

7. Vermont

Christmas in Vermont was pretty magical this year. Despite the cold (-20 at night!), there was plenty of snow to frolic in and I got to spend it with my family (it’s rare to have everyone together these days). Plus Noah and I were pretty new to each other still and there’s something really special about being newly in love and spending the holidays together 🙂 

My Year In Numbers

Countries visited  |  1

united states (so dismal!)

New countries visited  |  0

States visited  |  4

washington, alaska, california, vermont

Plane rides taken  | 6

Different sleeping situations  | 7

airbnb: 3

apartment: 299

camping: 12

family: 17

friends: 1

hotel: 3

ship cabin: 30

My Year In Feels

This year has been a very stark contrast to my previous years. Instead of constantly being on the go from contracts on the ships to adventures back to the ships to visiting friends and family, I’ve been settled in Seattle focusing on school work and trying to adapt to a ‘normal’ life. 

It hasn’t always been easy – I’ve definitely missed being free to go where I want when I want to at the drop of a hat and paying monthly rent is a bit depressing. But overall, I’m enjoying staying put for once. I love where I’m living (in a house with three other roommates), school is interesting and engaging, I’m riding my bike way more than I ever have, and I have a kitchen where I can whip up fabulous creations. The biggest plus to settling down for a bit, though, is dating. Dating on the road is hard, impossible at times, even. But since I’ve been in Seattle I met an amazing guy and I can’t express how wonderful it feels to be in a solid relationship where I don’t have to worry about how he will react when I tell him that I’m taking off for four months. We’ve gone on a number of adventures already and to be able to actually come home after those adventures is refreshing. 

So all in all, 2013 has been pretty great. I still get wanderlust at times and I definitely get a bit panicky when I think about my future as a nutritionist and wonder whether I have sacrificed my freedom for a 9-5 life. But you know what? Right now everything is pretty darn good.

What’s In Store For 2014

School, haha. But sadly it’s true. I’ll basically be straight out with grad school from now until I graduate in 2015. I’m sure there will be adventures to come, but right now surviving this program is my biggest priority. 

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