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  1. This looks like an awesome ride. Thanks for the write up. The only thing I would recommend is to use a Garmin (or other GPS) with the route downloaded. My Garmin will last a few days out in the wild, but my iPhone will only last a few hours (shorter than that) if I’m relying on it for navigation.

  2. Hey! I’m doing this ride this weekend for the first time and it looks like there’s some rain in the foercast a couple days before and also the day of, but nothing over 40% at the moment. Do you know anything about how that area handles the rain? I know it can help in the sandy spots but don’t wanna hit mud or flooded areas or anything.

    1. Hi Henry – there are definitely some canyons and steep sidehill sections that have the potential to get flooded or eroded. I’d say if the rain is really heavy, it’s best to wait a few days. If it’s just some normal showers you should be fine. Have fun!

  3. Thanks for this long post. You are in cred contention with Mountain Bike Bill.
Most of the trail is in BLM ownership, but I believe the south (top) trailhead is on private land. Recently Friends of the Desert Mountains (a private conservation organization) purchased the land the PCE traverses in its first few miles, after the private landowners. They have great concerns with the increasing side trails that occur near the “official” trailhead. They have requested assistance from Desert Trails Coalition (a group organization of horse riders, hikers, and mountain bikers) to encourage better and more sustainable use. To that goal, DTC is developing a plan to improve the south trailhead and signage along the PCE.

    1. Thanks for that update, Tom! I did notice the last time I rode the PCE that there were more side trails and features near the top. Hopefully, the DTC can work with the private landowners to come up with a sustainable solution ?

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