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  1. Yes, Becky, there’s plenty of parking along Mt. Rose Highway at the Incline Flume Trailhead. If I’m riding with higher level riders we’ll sometimes park a mile lower down the highway at the Old Mt Rose Hwy (Lower) trailhead and ride up to the westerly extension of the Flume trail that connects to the main trailhead shown on Google maps. You can also add an extra 3/4 mile stretch of the flume trail by going west before connecting to the main trail and adding a short unsanctioned trail that goes to the original flume source off of Third Creek.

    I like climbing, but I find that riding trails that follow the contour, especially ones on old canals or railroad grades especially intriguing and delightful.

  2. Thanks for the write-up, Becky.
    The Marlette Flume Trail is most easily reached by riding out to it on the Incline Flume Trail which doesn’t require a shuttle, long vertical climbs or lots of riding on less fun trails/dirt roads just to reach the good parts. In fact, the Incline Flume trail is just as flowy and fun to ride, albeit without the world-class views.
    My wife pushed large stretches when we accessed from the Tahoe Rim Trail from Tahoe Meadows years earlier before the Incline Flume trail was built, but was able to ride the entire Incline Flume Trail except for the short stretch of Tunnel Creek Rd. that connects the two flume trails.
    We prefer to ride the two flume trails as an out-and-back for a total of 25 miles of riding when the 1.3 mile flat stretch of road along Marlette Lake is included.

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