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  1. you had bike shop recommendations, on this page. I bookmarked it for a upcoming trip and now there are no local bike shops listed….. bummer

    1. Hi Dane – I moved the bike shops to my 5-Day Bentonville Itinerary, which also includes the Google maps locations for them (and a lot more!). I’m trying to move away from ads as much as possible while still keeping most of my content free. I hope you understand and have a great trip to Bentonville!

  2. What’s the lay of the land when it comes to e-bikes? Wanting to get a Sur Ron X soon and am not sure how welcome it would be in Bentonville.

  3. I’m from Wisconsin and get winters off from work. I would like to get some off-road action late Feb or March. How is the riding in Bentonville that time of year?

    1. There’s a ton of fun stuff to do around Bentonville! The Crystal Museum is really cool (and I’m not a museum person). If you have kids, the Amazeum is supposed to be awesome. There are also a lot of really cool hikes, parks, and outdoor off-bike things to do within a short drive. And there are some great restaurants and bars and a cute downtown to walk around.

  4. Do you recommend renting a car? Or most of the trails are accessible directly from Bentonville with 10-20 minutes bike ride?

    1. A car is not absolutely necessary since all of the trail networks are connected by bike paths. However, you may need to add quite a few miles to your ride depending on where you’re staying (I’d say 10-30 minutes one-way). I just did a quick search for mountain bike shuttles in Bentonville and it looks like Shuttle Hound has some good options if you don’t want to rent a car. If you’re not staying in or close to downtown Bentonville, though, I’d recommend renting a car. Have fun!

  5. Becky-glad you had a good time in our little paradise. Next time don’t forget to check out Pedalers Pub. Very best pizza, staff and beer selection.

  6. So glad I came across your post as we will be making our first biking trip to Bentonville. Your tips on what to do, where to go and where to stay were very helpful. Thank you!

  7. Nice guide. I appreciate the tips. This will definitely help me decide on where to bike this summer on a cross-country road trip. I have 1 day/night in Arkansas and I was struggling on which city to camp and hit some easy to intermediate level trails. My main objective is scenery without being too technical.

    1. Thanks for reading Charles and glad these posts are helpful. Bentonville is awesome and definitely worth a stop. There’s also a lot more mountain biking around Arkansas that I haven’t ridden (yet). Hobbs State Park is supposed to be amazing as are Pinnacle and Mount Nebo State Parks. Hoping to hit those this fall. Check out the Monument Trails page

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