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  1. Nice summary of the typical RPR experience… spend half the day lost (aka exploring the backcountry), half the day dragging a bike over rocks (aka conquering technical challenges), and sometimes a third half wondering how on earth you ran thru 3 liters on a mere 15 mile ride and/or wishing you’d packed additional bandages or spare bike parts.

    Yet somehow the place is always a GREAT time!

    And it’s worth noting that it’s a “go to” place when everything else is too wet to ride around here. Your drivetrain will graunch loudly but the granite-based soil and rocks actually ride great when wet.

    I’ll also note that the trail called “Beginner Loop (frmly League Loop)” on Trailforks was traditionally a rather good intermediate option here. Built as a high school race loop, it was originally green in character but became more like a Pace Bend blue after they unleashed a bulldozer on the ranch to cut a Tuff Mudder course or such. RPR seems to blow itself apart every few years when some big event comes along and takes over the ranch for a while, but always seems to recover eventually.

    You and Bob and I weren’t seeking LESS adventure and so didn’t even try to follow that trail last month, but we did cross it a few times and at least some parts seemed to still exist, so who knows if it would actually make a full loop at the moment.

    On the other hand, for those craving even MORE adventure, there’s also the dreaded “Inner Loop” and “Upper Loop”, both of which will get ya at least turned around, if not turned over, a few times, while trying to traverse gnarly granite terrain similar to the main RPR granite loop. Things to try on your next visit. 🙂

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