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  1. Excellent write up! So glad to meet Becky and join in on some of the rides during her stay in Texas. Becky’s summaries capture these trails with great detail and are highly recommended for visitors to the area. I look forward to following your guides on my own future travels – enjoy your adventures!

  2. Epic write-up, but there’s one major problem. As we discussed, there are TWO e’s in Wookiee. And you really shouldn’t risk offending Chewbacca, even if the trail signs themselves are misspelled 😉

    So glad you came out and played with us in central Texas the last couple of weeks! Look forward to your next visit; make it a month next time so you can try all the rest. You definitely hit many of the highlights, but there really is an astonishing amount of spicy, rocky, natural tech left to explore. And add the under-construction Rough Hollow pedal-up bikepark in Lakeway (that we got one preview run down), the two ever-expanding chairlifted / tractorpulled bikeparks, the insane new lines at Reveille, and the legit DH tracks on Cat Mountain, the freeride scene around here is starting to feel like Kamloops or something. Keep Austin Weird!

    1. Hahaha! You even pointed out the correct spelling when we rode Wookiee Way 🤣.

      Thanks SO much for playing tour guide – I really enjoyed our rides! I need to come back and check out the trails closer to Austin. Someone else mentioned Rocky Ranch on the east side of the city as well.

      See you on the road!

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